Repair of a block at the Jaworzno power plant. Final dispute

The 910 MW coal-fired unit at the Jaworzno III Power Plant, built at a cost of over PLN 6 billion, was delayed in November 2020. In June this year. was shut down due to faults currently being repaired by contractors from the Rafako-Mostostal Warszawa consortium. In accordance with the original schedule of repair work agreed a few months ago, The block was to be put into operation by February 25, 2022. Parallel to the repair work, mediations between Tauron and the block’s contractor were conducted with the participation of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

On November 3, Rafako and Tauron announced that the terms of the settlement had been agreed between the consortium of Rafako and Mostostal Warszawa and the company Nowe Jaworzno Grupa Tauron, which belongs to the Tauron Group – the terms of the settlement were initialed at that time, and on Thursday – as Tauron announced in the announcement – it was formally signed before the Arbitration Court at the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Poland. Now the settlement will be submitted to the competent court for approval.

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