Repentance like Boris Johnson

Will Boris Johnson resign? The British Prime Minister admitted in the House of Commons that he had attended a garden party in Downing Street during the lockdown. Johnson doesn’t apologize often. This time he apologized, but in his own style.

For several days he insisted that none of his associates broke the rules. After that, he had no idea of ​​any party. At the end he admitted that he was on it, but only for 25 minutes. Anyway, it was a professional meeting, even though the wine was pouring.

Listening to his apology, the House of Commons held her breath. Then she roared indignantly. Despite this reaction, Johnson still holds his position – the whole cabinet still supports him. On the other hand, opposition is growing among the members of the ruling Conservative party.

Boris Johnson apologizes for meeting at the lockdown

Some openly urge him to step down. If 54 MPs submit their reservations in writing, Johnsonon is threatened with a vote of no confidence and that would be the end of his political career. For the time being, Great Britain is run by a man who increasingly gets confused with the testimony and misses the truth. The sense of humor, which he does not lack, is no longer enough for the prime minister.

Every Wednesday, the prime minister stands before the House of Commons and answers questions. It is an aggressive spectacle clad in courtesy.

Yesterday’s session was like a pack of furious dogs trying to tear Johnson to shreds in suits and suits. No indecent invectives, but sharp fangs.

Boris Josnon should not be laughing. He does not apologize often, a yesterday’s overwhelm was not like an apology – this infuriated the attackers even more. Yes, he admitted that he could have played it differently – for example, tell his people to leave the garden, leave the wine on the tables, and go home. But he didn’t. Our Prime Minister Boris has a good heart.

This time, it’s not just about the unlucky May 2020 Downing Street party that Johnson’s personal secretary invited a hundred people to. The crowning evidence in this case is an e-mail saying that the weather is fine and reminding guests to bring some alcohol.

For several months now, the British have been learning about the strange pranks that went on in Downing Street at a time when it was impossible to meet anyone. While the gardens of the prime minister’s residence were partying, the British were forced to cancel weddings and social events. But most importantly – they couldn’t even say goodbye in person to their loved ones who died of COVID-19 in hospitals.

Boris Johnson and his wife were at a lockdown party. “Bring your own alcohol”

Johnson will never be forgiven. An investigation to investigate violations of the rules in government elite circles will establish the facts, but will not be governing. He will not persuade Boris Johnson to resign. This can only be done by himself – voluntarily – or forced by the overwhelming majority of conservative MPs.

Johnson has proven time and again that he can fight to the top. This time, however, he bit the British too badly.

This is not the first time this has happened. There have been previous reports of Christmas parties and quizzes. The prime minister’s closest aide, and now his greatest enemy, Dminic Cummings, was forced to retire because he broke the lockdown rules. It has even been suspected that he is behind the scenes in the attack on the prime minister’s reputation.

He was always called the Machavelli of British politics. Who knows, maybe it actually is? In the House of Commons, MEPs started to get on the nerves in other ways. Speaking, one of the deputies literally cried out of despair. He lost loved ones during the pandemic. He demanded that the prime minister be punished, and for the relatives who had been taken by Covid-19, justice.

According to commentators, a picture of government elites emerges that are more equal than equals, almost like in “Animal Farm”, Georg Orwell’s famous book.

On the one hand, we have Great Britain, which is coping quite well with the pandemic. Mainly thanks to the immunization program and the discipline of the British. The word – discipline – is important here.

Just as important as the word vaccine. Discipline must also be demanded of the rulers. The country is slowly recovering from the pandemic, infections and hospital admissions are declining. The situation is already being talked about in the UK endemic – that is, living normally with coronaviruses, and treating it as seasonal flu is treated. So on the one hand we are dealing with measurable success and on the other hand a prime minister who makes the weighing out of law.

So far, these are only circumstantial evidence, but circumstantial evidence based on the existing evidence and a half-mouth apology. Question: Is Boris Johnson able to defend himself this time?

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