Request for 30 million: Milan is now back to the wall

Having skipped the Renato Sanches track, Milan has only two alternatives to play but if one jumps, the other is extremely difficult to reach.

The Milan certainly not among the protagonists of this summer market session. At least not like Inter, Juventus And Rome who, by summing up, have been able to do better. The thickest shot is in fact represented by the entry of De Ketelaere from the Bruges for 36 millionthen it was mostly a matter of adjustment operations and some reconfirmation.

Pioli and Kessié © LaPresse

There are still three weeks left for the games to close and not everything is defined yet. Pegs he feels the absence of a quality midfield carrillero, as he was Kessie. In its place, the track had been probed Renato Sanchesabruptly interrupted by the overbearing insertion of the Paris Saint-Germain which finally seduced the Lille.

For Maldini the backup plan was started, represented by the young blue Davide Frattesi. The 22-year-old was – and still is – well regarded by numerous top Italian clubs including Inter itself (which ultimately preferred to invest in something else) and Roma, of which the boy has always been a fan. His entourage continues to push for his transfer to the Rossoneri but the management of the Sassuolo he has the knife on the side of the handle and tries to use the knurling of the blade to his advantage. Offers below the 25 million.

Calciomercato Milan, Koopmeiners alternative to the alternative

Teun Koopmeiners © LaPresse

If an agreement on the downside for Frattesi were not to be reached, Milan would have to play the last card Koopmeiners. This, however, could be even more difficult than the previous one: theAtalanta he asks 30 million euroswithout opening the possibility of inserting a counterpart the likes of Saelmaekers. Rossoneri therefore with their backs to the wall, forced to run for cover in the shortest possible time but with maximum economic efficiency.

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