Research: Dante Labs Board, early genomics habitual tool – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 11 – “Genomics and precision medicine in a few years will be prevention and treatment tools usually used by doctors for better patient care, starting with tumors and heart disease. The revolution is near” . This is what emerged from the first discussion table following the inauguration of the “Dante Labs Genome Analysis Reporting Board” which took place yesterday in Castel Gandolfo (Rome). The constitution of the Board, which has a national and international caliber, was commissioned by the multinational Dante Labs, one of the world leaders in Genomics, which began with this to strengthen the mission and research activity. “In Italy there is a lot of talk about containers, but little about content – explained Professor Giuseppe Novelli, scientific director of the Committee, scholar of multifactorial genomic diseases and former rector of the Tor Vergata University of Rome – Modern medicine tries to answer three questions: why one gets sick and one doesn’t, why a drug works on some and others less, and why that same drug hurts one rather than another. The answer lies in the DNA, reading it, understanding it and interpreting it is essential for find the appropriate solutions, understanding the individual differences that exist between each of us “. The multidisciplinary operational medical-scientific committee includes scientists and qualified professionals including geneticists, molecular biochemists and doctors who are experts in the processing and interpretation of “omic” data: the work is destined to affect scientific choices and production of the multinational that has contacts and orders in 96 countries and has its nerve center in L’Aquila, within the Tecnopolo d’Abruzzo. (HANDLE).