resemblance to the Brazilian singer draws the attention of fans Rolling Stone

The hashtag #KatyPerryDevolveJuliette entered the most talked about topics on Twitter after the joke

Katy Perry would have kidnapped Juliette? It’s the suspicion of good-natured fans. On the afternoon of this Friday, August 12, internet users noticed the similarity between the Brazilian singer, winner of the 21st edition of the Big Brother Braziland the guitarist of Katy perry.

In the viral video, the instrumentalist appears behind the American singer, wearing a cap, glasses and smiling. The wide smile caught the internet’s attention, much like the happy expression of Juliettewhich made everyone joke about the comparison.

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The fact that the girl had her eyes and hair covered took the fans’ imaginations even further. Some memes joked about the possibility of Juliette to have been kidnapped, the same joke already made with the singer sia.

Playing, Juliette jumped on the bandwagon and changed his Twitter profile picture and name to “Katy Perry Guitarist”. The singer even recalled a moment during the confinement of the reality show where she sang “Firework” and danced alongside the digital influencer and program participant, Camilla de Lucas.

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The interesting thing is that the woman is not a guitarist, but a dancer. Aunt Tabile is part of the stage ballet of Katy Perry and the guitar was just an illustrative element of the presentation.

With the viral prank, table commented on the resemblance on her Instagram:

the hashtag #KatyPerryDevolveJuliette joined the most talked about topics on Twitter after the possible kidnapping joke. Check out the best memes made by fans:

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