Resident Evil 7 and 4 in the form of PS1 demakes. Impressive retro designs in action

One of the most spectacular “demakes”, i.e. projects that make new games similar to the graphics from the heyday of old consoles, is Bloodborne PS1 Demake. Another interesting fan venture of this type concerns Resident Evil VII Village.

A group of fans called Rustic Games for several months created a vision of what The Last of Us could look like on the first PlayStation. This time the team took part in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

As you can easily guess, in said demake FPP shot was abandonedwhich was rare in productions from “Szarak”. The project presents the action in traditional for many console games from the 90s. static camera shots. As in the first installments of the iconic Capcom brand, characters composed of 3D polygons move on pre-rendered backgrounds.

The effect is very convincing. Almost as curious as in the Bloodborne demake, made by some fan of FromSoftware games. I would like to remind you that this project will be published in the PC version as early as January 2022. More details on this are waiting for you here.

By the way, take a look at the previous Rustic Games project. This is a Resident Evil 4 demake, which also looks very convincing – as if the game actually hit the market in the heyday of the first PlayStation. Two videos of this work are waiting for you below.


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