Capcom has announced a closed number beta test for Resident Evil: Project Resistance to be held in October, as well as releasing a new trailer overview of the game.

Among the major innovations presented during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, there is certainly Project Resistance, the new multiplayer spin-off of Resident Evil, which returns to show itself in a new trailer and can be tested directly through an upcoming beta test.

The first beta test of Project Resistance will be limited, available on PS4 and Xbox One: registration to take part is open until September 18 on the official website of the game, at this address. Those who are part of the Xbox Insider program and the RE Ambassadors are candidates to enter the trial, which will take place from 4 to 7 October 2019.

Project Resistance is a multiplayer action shooter set in the world of Resident Evil, which offers an asymmetrical scheme : on the one hand four players who play as many survivors, each characterized by their own specific abilities, on the other the “Mastermind”, that is the one who manages the part of the enemies. The latter is a very interesting role because it allows you to place traps, manage security systems and weapons remotely and even directly control the zombies.

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