Resident Evil

The first very small images in low resolution leaked online suggest that Resident Evil: Project Resistance could be a cooperative online multiplayer.

Pending the first official information and materials on Resident Evil: Project Resistance , which as announced will arrive with the presentation set for September 9, 2019 at 17:00 (GMT +2), we can see the first images emerged on the net for the new Capcom title that makes you think to the possibility that it is a cooperative online multiplayer . 

Resident Evil: Project Resistance could therefore not be the real Resident Evil 8, as many already suspect. The first (tiny) images in the very low resolution were extracted from the YouTube channel dedicated to the streaming of the official presentation, also shown below this news. In general, they say little about the game itself, showing a series of more or less common looking characters intent on defending themselves, probably against the zombie horde. 

Being numerous characters present on the screen at the same time, the idea is that Resident Evil: Project Resistance can be a cooperative online multiplayer, thus reconnecting to the tradition of the Resident Evil Outbreak spin-off, which remained effectively out of the picture for several years. On the other hand, considering that Resident Evil Outbreak was released in 2004 on PS2, a console notoriously not equipped to support an essentially online game, this would be just the right historical period to recover and make the original concept work to its full potential.

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