Resident Evil Remake With Unreal Engine Is Next-Gen (and First-Person)

The first Resident Evil was recreated with Unreal Engine.

After the success of the remakes of the second and third installments of Capcom’s survival horror series, some fans would also like to see Resident Evil Remake, a new version of the historic first episode of the saga.

Waiting for the announcement of a title that could therefore be similar in style to Resident Evil 2, a talented modder has decided to faithfully recreate a part of the first title of the saga using Unreal Engine, for a truly next-gen effect.

This is not the only fan-made remake of the series: there is also a fan-made version of Code Veronica, of which a playable demo is even available.

Using mods, on the other hand, can make Resident Evil Village even more creepy, making a tender scene much scarier in the third person.

However, the last major chapters of the series showed a unique first-person perspective, which was replicated by modder MoonGlint using Unreal Engine 4.

Although this is not the latest version of the engine made by Epic Games, the user’s work has proved to be equally impressive, as demonstrated by the YouTube channel Residence of Evil which gave space to his fan game.

Resident Evil Remake shows different sections of the building from the first-person perspective, also allowing us to kill some of the monsters that will try to block our way.

You can admire the work created by MoonGlint thanks to the video published on YouTube, which we propose below:

Surely reviewing the setting of the first Resident Evil in the first person offers an original atmosphere and even more charged with tension, which made many fans wish that this title could be really playable next-gen.

The fact that it was not developed in Unreal Engine 5 has not been particularly noticed by fans, as confirmation of the good work done by the modder: the hope is therefore that Capcom itself can soon work on an official remake of the first chapter.

While waiting for this fan’s dream to come true, Netflix has created a CGI series entirely dedicated to Resident Evil: so don’t forget to read our review of Infinite Darkness.

The series caused insiders to argue about a limit on reviews, which prohibited any mention of political issues.

Returning to the gaming universe, Capcom has announced that it will continue to support Resident Evil Village, revealing that additional content is currently in development.

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