residents flee by car. And for the heat, shops close

from Lara Sirignano

Over 43 degrees in the afternoon, the flames broke out in the Borgo Nuovo district. The headquarters of the minor nuns of San Francesco evacuated. Other fires also in the Messina area

That it would be a red dot day was known since yesterday, when the Civil Protection, with the usual bulletin, raised the alarm for the temperatures expected in Palermo. A confirmed announcement: 35 degrees of sunrise in the city, which became 43 in the afternoon. But the fires also arrived on time.

The flames reached the outskirts of the Sicilian capital: in the Borgo Nuovo district. Some residents have left their homes as a precaution. A dense smoke rose between the buildings in the area, which caught fire were the scrub and the vegetation never cut, grown along the roads. The sky turned black and the crackling of the flames was distinctly felt in an unreal silence. The headquarters of the minor nuns of San Francesco cleared, lapped by the fire.

The fire fueled by the strong sirocco wind that has been blowing over the city since this morningmugginess so heavy that it caused a restaurateur to close. The Disiu Officina della Pizza restaurant announces that it will be closed tonight because today’s temperatures do not allow us to work in suitable conditions so see you tomorrow. Thanks for understanding, the owner wrote on social media.

And fires broke out in the province of Palermo, between Torretta and Carini and in the countryside around Reitano, in the Messina area. For the firefighters and the men of the Forestry, who also intervened with a canadair and a helicopter, the fires would be the work of man. Many residences, threatened by flames, have been evacuated. Devastated hectares of Mediterranean scrub and olive groves.

August 18, 2022 (change August 18, 2022 | 18:46)

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