respond to urgent operation in Ukraine Moscow confirms sentence to American basketball player

Card. Parolin: good opening of the Kremlin to dialogue

“This is positive, that there is an opening of this kind evidently it is a generic opening that will then have to be realized taking into account all aspects but that there is a willingness to speak seems to me a sign”. The Vatican secretary of state, card. Pietro Parolin learning from journalists the statements of the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. Peskov explained that the Kremlin is not opposed to the participation of the Pope and the US in the search for a solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

Moscow to the UN: Kiev wants to throw dirty bombs and accuse us

“The Kiev regime has the technological and industrial capacity to develop a dirty bomb” and intends to “disguise” the detonation by describing it as the explosion of a Russian tactical nuclear weapon: “With this provocation, the Kiev regime aims to intimidate the population , increase the flow of refugees and accuse Russia of ‘nuclear terrorism’. This was stated by Russia in a letter sent to the UN Security Council and reported by the Washington Post.

Kiev: Russians shoot at cars, father and 14-year-old son dead

The Russian army fired on a car in which a family was staying, killing the father and the 14-year-old son, while the 5-year-old daughter was injured: Yevhen Ryshchuk, the mayor of Oleshky, announced on Facebook. in Kherson Oblast. A finger of one hand was amputated from the girl. The Ukrainian media reported it. Ryshchuk reported that Russian troops are “very nervous” and “shoot anyone they think poses a threat.”

Russia: 9-year sentence confirmed for American basketball player Brittney Griner

A Moscow Court of Appeal today upheld the nine-year prison sentence for American basketball player Brittney Griner, found guilty of drug possession. This was reported by the Interfax agency.

Moscow, Macron’s proposal on Pope involvement is positive

Moscow today welcomed the proposal of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to include Pope Francis and the US authorities in the talks for the solution of the situation in Ukraine: the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov said, as reported by Tass. Yesterday Macron asked the Pope to call the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and the American President, Joe Biden, to “promote the peace process” in Ukraine.

Iran: ready to discuss drones in Moscow with Kiev

Tehran is ready to hold talks with Kiev regarding the supply of Iranian drones to Moscow which, according to the US and Kiev, were used in the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, as reported by Irna, categorically denying that Iran has sold arms to Russia for use in Ukraine. The issue should be examined by “military experts from Iran and Ukraine,” said Amirabdollahian, letting it be known that he had also told the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell.

Explosion in Melitopol

An explosion occurred near the offices of the Russian channel ZaTv in Melipotol, occupied by the Russians, and allegedly injured at least five people, including some civilians and employees of ZaTv, which on 1 August started broadcasting in the occupied areas of the region. Ukraine of Zaporizhzhia. This was reported by the Guardian, which relaunches news from Nexta TV and talks about the explosion of a car, specifying that it is not clear whether it was an attack or an accident. The Kyiv Independent quotes the Ukrainian mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, and refers to the explosion of a car near the FSB headquarters and the premises used by a Russian TV.

Zelensky: Ukraine deserves to be part of the EU

«This vision of Ukraine as a European country is very important. And in many ways Ukraine has already deserved to be a part of it. People see what we already do for Europe. We represent the physical security of Europe ». This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who, speaking at the Reconstruction conference, underlined the words of Olaf Scholz pronounced yesterday, when the chancellor said that those who invest in Ukraine invest in a future member of the EU. “We are not only fighting for the security of Ukraine and our neighbors, but also for the security of Europe,” he added.

Russian bombs on Nikopol

Russian forces bombed the Nikopol district, in the Dnipropetrovsk region (south) last night, according to the head of the regional military administration, Valentyn Reznichenko, reported on Telegram, as reported by Ukrinform. “They used Grad Mlrs (multi-launch missile systems, ed), heavy artillery and kamikaze drones. Three communities – Nikopol, Marhanets and Myrove – came under enemy fire, ”wrote Reznichenko. According to preliminary information, there are no injuries or victims but homes, cars, a food company and a water network have been damaged. In other areas of the region, anti-aircraft sirens were heard all night, but there were no attacks.

Zelensky: we ask Italy for anti-aircraft defense

Ukraine is asking Italy for anti-aircraft defense weapons, said President Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Corriere della Sera. And he refers to his telephone conversation with Giorgia Meloni: she said she was in favor of the “common alliance” in the EU and “assured her full support against Russian aggression”. She invited her to Kiev: “And she replied that she will come.” “I think we have built an excellent relationship in continuity with the period started by Draghi,” reflects the Ukrainian president. To those who claim that he is in Kiev seeking peace, Zelenky replies that he has always wanted to speak, “but not with the gun aimed at his head.”

Electricity is back in Kiev

The Ukrainian energy operator Ukrenergo has canceled the electricity cuts introduced in recent days in Kiev in order to stabilize the flows, giving residents the possibility of drawing on electricity all day, inviting the population to use it wisely and sparingly. The utility company Dtek told the UNIAN agency in a statement. The communiqué underlines that the situation of the energy system remains difficult. “To support the electricity system, we urge all residents of the capital to consume electricity moderately – turn on appliances one at a time, reduce electricity consumption as much as possible in the morning from 06:00 to 11:00 and in the evening from 17:00. at 23:00. We ask business customers to limit the use of outdoor lighting on the facades of offices, restaurants, shopping centers “, urged Dtek stating that” these simple steps will help reduce the need for disconnections and the number of disconnected users “. The interruption of supplies was made necessary due to the damage caused to the power plants by the Russian bombing.

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