Restrictions in Germany. Authorities are considering next steps

German Health Minister Jens Spahn warned compatriots earlier this week that the end of winter “almost everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recover or die“.

On Tuesday, Spahn announced that more sectors should introduce restrictions for unvaccinated and verify covidow certificatese, referred to as the “3G” rule in Germany. From Wednesday, the “3G” rules apply to all Germans walking to a stationary job or using public transport.

In addition, the German landes will limit access to services and trade for unvaccinated people in regions where the critical number of hospitalizations will be exceeded. This is to act in return for a lockdown and shutdown of the economy and services to all.

Unofficially, the German government is also considering an introduction mandatory vaccinations for their citizens. 68 percent Germany’s population is fully vaccinated.

Compulsory vaccinations so far only Austria has introduced. The government of this paradise explained that this is the only way to end the pandemic. Covid-19 vaccines significantly reduce the risk of severe infection, hospitalization, and death from infection.


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