Retirement and disability pensions from KRUS. How much money are farmers getting? Check!

How much is the old-age and disability pension from KRUS? What are the amounts of KRUS benefits? These and other information were provided by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), publishing data relating to both the amount of old-age and disability benefits from KRUS for 2020. How much lower are the retirement and agricultural pensions? Let’s check it out!

The Central Statistical Office published data on agricultural pensions collected in 2020. From the above information, we find out what the amounts of benefits are, and who receives the highest amounts of pensions from KRUS.

Retirement and disability pensions from KRUS – the highest pensions in the voivodeship Silesian

The study published by the Central Statistical Office “Pensions and disability pensions in 2020” shows that KRUS pensions were allocated a total amount of PLN 14,175.9 million. The above amount is therefore higher by 2.4% compared to 2019. The highest amounts of pensions were paid in the province. Silesian (PLN 1,581.93), and in eight voivodships the retirement pension did not exceed the national average. The lowest benefit was recorded in the province. Mazowieckie (PLN 1,349.87).

The average monthly pension from KRUS was equal PLN 1,383.58which means that it increased by 6 percent. compared to 2019

Pension from KRUS – how much is it?

The CSO provided not only the amounts applicable to the KRUS pension, but also the disability pensions.

For this benefit from KRUS, most funds were allocated in the province. Lublin – PLN 367.9 million (+ 4.7%). However, the least in the province. Opolskie – PLN 36.0 million (+ 2.3%). According to the Central Statistical Office, the average monthly disability pension from KRUS amounted to PLN 1256.67, which indicates an increase of 8.2 percent. compared to the previous year.

Apart from the disability pension, KRUS awards farmers a survivor’s pension. The greatest amount of funds was allocated to it in 2020 in the province. Mazowieckie (PLN 141.4 million). On the other hand, the smallest amount of funds for this benefit was provided in the province. Lubuskie – PLN 12.3 million.

According to GUS data, the average family pension from KRUS in 2020 was at the level of PLN 1,765.22. This means that it was higher by 9.4 percent. compared to 2019. The highest average survivors’ pensions were recorded in the voivodship kujawisko – pomorskie (1996.10 PLN), and the lowest in the province. Silesian (PLN 1614.75).

Old-age and disability pensions from KRUS vs. ZUS

Finally, it is worth adding for comparison that the average monthly retirement pension from ZUS in 2020 was PLN 2,474.54. Compared to the previous year, it increased by 5.2 percent. It follows that agricultural pensions from KRUS are over PLN 1,000 lower than pensions from ZUS.

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Source: GUS

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