Retirement pension without tax. Unfortunately, not all seniors will benefit from the Polish Lada

We checked how much retirees and pensioners are to gain from the Polish Lada. Having a gross pension of PLN 1000, in January there should be PLN 35 more in the pocket of a senior – the profit will be 4%. At 2 thousand. PLN, the senior portfolio should include PLN 141 – more than 8 percent. People with 2.5 thousand jobs are to gain the most. PLN gross old-age or disability pension – the payout will be 9 percent. higher. However, this is the end of the good news.

As Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Patkowski recently said, the price growth is accelerating and at the beginning of 2022 inflation may reach 7-8%. Experts say that it is quite an optimistic forecast.

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