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Novak Djoković is free from Monday. An Australian court has decided to overturn the decision of the central authorities to cancel a tennis player’s visa. Djoković left the immigration hotel, he even had two training sessions. However, this is not the end of his case, because Serb’s defense line has collapsed like a house of cards. All because of the transcripts and documents released by the court hearing his appeal.

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“I’m not surprised that the hero of this story is Djoković”

He concealed his trip to Spain

As noted by New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg, Djoković, in the travel declaration he had to complete upon his arrival in Melbourne, stated that he had not traveled for 14 days before arriving in Australia on January 6. In fact, the Serb had traveled from Belgrade during that period. to Spain.

The media reports that the tennis player trained on January 2 in Marbella, where he was preparing for the Australian Open. There are photos for that. In pandemic times, each airline passenger, upon arrival in a new country, must complete travel documents on the plane, in which he indicates, inter alia, if and where he recently traveled.

According to Rothenberg, the Australian Travel Declaration Form states: “It is a serious crime to provide false or misleading information. You may also be subject to a civil penalty for providing false or misleading information. “

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Since Djokovic’s release, Australian media reports that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke may exercise his powers and revoke the tennis player’s visa again. Local journalists said Hawke would not make this decision on Tuesday as he was still analyzing documents and information. Djokovic’s making a false statement could hurt him a lot.

Positive or negative test result?

This is not the only problem of the Serb. According to transcripts of his statements in court, he admitted that he had not vaccinated against COVID-19. The basis for granting a visa was a positive test result which he received on December 16.

As long as the test result was positive, because this matter was dealt with, among others, by Ben Rothenberg. – Djokovic’s positive result for December 16 (confirmation code 7371999-259039) includes a QR code. When we scan this QR code, it will take us to a website showing that the test was negative, not positive, Rothenberg wrote. A few moments later he added, “I tried again and this time it’s positive. Who’s messing up this page?” the American asked.

A separate investigation was carried out by journalists of the German weekly “Spiegel”. – We scanned the QR code belonging to the Djokovic test. On Monday at 13:19 German time, the following information appeared: “Test negative”. An hour later, after another scan, the information read: “Test result positive” – ​​we read.

If he was infected, why was he dating people?

If Djoković tested positive for COVID on December 16, why did he do some activities without a mask a day later? As reported in the media, the tennis champion took part on December 17-18, among others in a photo shoot for the magazine “L’Equipe”, he spoke at a meeting of his foundation, and at the ceremony of the tennis association in Belgrade, he hugged children.

On Monday, the Djokovic family convened a special press conference. One of the questions was about the positive test result and the next one about the tennis player’s activity. – Yes, that’s right, Novak tested positive on December 16. The whole process should be public, everything is legal – explained the brother of the leader of the ATP ranking. – Did Novak take part in several events on December 17? the journalist inquired. “We’re ending the conference,” he heard in reply. Indeed, the meeting with the media is over.

Djoković predicted he would get sick?

There are also doubts about the basis for granting a visa to the leader of the ATP ranking. – In November, one month before the alleged positive test result, Djoković applied for a visa. At that point, what attitude did he expect to be allowed into Australia? He wanted to double vaccinate himself by then? But two weeks before his departure to Australia, while still unvaccinated, he reportedly contracted Covid, wrote journalist John Silk of DW News.

Djoković just made a brief statement thanking the Australian judge for his release and stated that he wanted to play at the Australian Open. It was originally intended to connect remotely at the family press conference, but in the end it didn’t come to that. The Serb avoids answering uncomfortable but crucial questions.

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