Returnal gets the expected DLC? The developers have published mysterious graphics

Housemarque may soon surprise players with the announcement of the expected DLC for its first game available exclusively on PS5. The makers of Returnal have published a teaser that could herald two events.

Returnal currently only debuted on PS5, and the developers listened to community feedback to provide the game with a save option. The developers developed the feature on their own terms, but now we can easily shut down production.

The studio has just released a mysterious art that many players believe could herald the announcement of the expansion. As you know, The Game Awards will be held soon – it is the perfect place to show the expected by many add-ons.

“Atropos ..?
#Returnal “

“DLC Announcement at The Game Awards?”

“DLA at The Game Awards?”

“DLC Please”

“??? Is this happening? DLC? Expansion ?!”

However, one more thing is worth mentioning: according to data from GeForce Now – Returnal is coming to PC. Sony may decide to announce the expansion and simultaneously reveal the new version of the production?

We can assume that Returnal will definitely hit personal computers, but it is difficult to say when Sony will decide to offer the adventure to new players.

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