revealed the bug that puts your data at risk, you must update immediately

A heavy bug discovered within WhatsApp. According to what emerged, the latter would seriously jeopardize the data of millions of users. Here’s what needs to be done to fix the problem right away

Millions of users use it every day Whatsapp. The world’s number one messaging platform gives you the ability to send messages, share multimedia content, make calls and video calls, record audio notes and so on and so forth. All features that contributed to the constant growth of the application.

A double big flaw in the system that puts user data at risk has been discovered on WhatsApp (Adobe Stock)

The merit of the work done by the developers to date must be acknowledged, always careful to satisfy every user request and to solve any bugs and problems. In this regard, in the last few hours a major flaw has emerged in the system that would put the data of millions of consumers at risk. However, there is a quick way to fix it all.

WhatsApp, watch out for the bug that makes your data vulnerable

It was the same company that shared the details of two critical vulnerabilities that were identified in one version of the application. Among the most downloaded and still installed on millions of devices around the world.

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Here’s everything you need to know about it and what you need to do to fix the problem right away (Adobe Stock)

We are specifically talking about all versions earlier than, available on both iOS and Android on a permanent basis. The error was coded as CVE-2022-36934 and allowed an attacker to remotely install and execute codes with maximum privileges simply via a modified video call. It was enough to start it to install spyware or malware on the affected device.

In the WhatsApp Security Advisories section on the site you will find all the details on the problem, and also the method to fix it immediately. Just update the app asap, with the latest version available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store who has already corrected the flaw. We advise you – if you have not already done so – to proceed as soon as possible with the download of the software, so as not to have any risk. Should hackers and cybercriminals manage to gain access to your device, they could easily recover all sensitive data saved. With very serious consequences. And we are not just talking about personal information, but also about usernames and passwords for accessing social accounts and bank accounts.

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