revealed the dates of the last episodes with Ellen Pompeo

He had said it Ellen Pompeo that sooner or later the time would come to say enough to Grey’s Anatomy and embark on new adventures, but despite this, the actress then renewed her contract with the ABC show for another season, the current 19th. Now it has been communicated when the last few episodes with her in the main cast will arrive.

Pompeo – who plays lead character Meredith Grey, after whom the show also takes its name – has signed on to produce and star in a Hulu limited series based on a true story, and as a result had to relegate his participation in “Grey’s” to just eight episodes. Six of those aired in the fall and the show is now on hiatus until February. Just a trailer released by ABC has now revealed when these last two remaining episodes will air, which will see the presence of the star.

The actress will return to play Dr. Meredith Gray in the episode that will be aired on February 23 next, and then straight back for the season finale. In Italy, the 19th season has been scheduled on Disney+ since November 2nd.

Now that its main star is stepping down from the show, Will Grey’s Anatomy be cancelled? Or will we try to continue it despite Pompeo’s absence, a bit like what happened to a series like The Office when Steve Carell left the cast and the show went on for another two seasons without him? The fact is that Grey’s Anatomy is named after the character played by Pompeo, so it would be very strange if the series continued without her participation.

Pompeo is now preparing to take on the role of a new TV character (the first in years that is not the famous doctor of Gray Sloan Memorial) for the Hulu miniseries Orphan, based on true events. Shonda Rhimes previously said that without her leading lady, the show would not continue. We’ll see, however, when the time comes for the real goodbye.

We remind you that in Italy the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are available on Disney Plus.

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