Reverse 2: when it comes out, plot, cast

Will inverse 2 be there?

It will do Reverse 2? The entire first season of the TV series created and produced by Scott B. Smith together with Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy is finally available on Prime Video. A project long in gestation – the first announcements date back to 2018 – The Peripheral represents a considerable bet for Amazon since it is the first project that bears the signature of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy following the multi-year pact that the two have signed with Prime Video.

Recently, Nolan and Joy had their series canceled Westworld after four seasons, therefore the time to dedicate only to the second season of The Peripheral they certainly don’t miss them. However, it remains to be seen whether Prime Video will decide to reconfirm the project or if it will prefer to minimize losses and focus on the streamer’s most successful productions, such as The Rings of Power And The Boys. We await a response from Prime Video.

When does The Peripheral 2 come out

If it were to materialize, a second season would debut in the first months of 2024 as soon as possible. Production should get underway by the summer of next year to accommodate the time needed to finish filming on the set. Net of the times required by post-production – fundamental for a series that, like this one, makes extensive use of special effects – a possible continuation could land on Prime Video in the first part of 2024. On this too we are waiting for a response from Prime Video.

Plot of Inverse 2

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What is the series based on the novel by the great author William Gibson about? Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) lives in the rural south of the United States, works at a local 3D print shop, and makes money by playing virtual reality games for the wealthy. One night she puts on a VR helmet and finds herself in a futuristic London, an elegant and mysterious world, very different from her existence of her hardships.

But this is not a game like the others: Flynne begins to understand that this is not virtual reality … it’s real. Someone in London, seventy years in the future, has found a way to open a door to Flynne’s world. And as utterly glamorous as London is…it’s also dangerous. As Flynne tries to discover who connected their worlds, and for what purpose, her presence sets in motion dangerous forces… forces bent on destroying Flynne and her family in her present world.

How does The Peripheral end

In the post-credits scene at the end of season one, three elderly men await the arrival of Lev Zubov and his wife; Zubov’s father – the men say – is not well and he sent them instead of him because it was necessary for him to talk to his son.

The three men argue that his recruitment of an asset within the Research Institute put the Klept in jeopardy. Zubov says the action wasn’t something unusual, but Zubov just wanted to seize the opportunity. After threatening Zubov’s wife and children, the three men urge him to “cauterize the wound”: he must make every resource and affiliate that can lead back to him disappear, otherwise his family will die.

Cast of Inverso 2, actors and characters

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Captained by Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher, the series’ first season main cast includes Gary Carr, Jack Reynor, JJ Feild, T’Nia Miller, Louis Herthum, Katie Leung, Melinda Page Hamilton, Chris Coy, Alex Hernandez , Julian Moore-Cook, Adelind Horan, Austin Rising, Eli Goree, Charlotte Riley and Alexandra Billings.

The Peripheral 2 trailer, does it already exist?

Not having received the clearance from Prime Video, the production of the second season has not yet been confirmed. Therefore the trailer for the new episodes of The Peripheral it is not yet available on YouTube. We speculate that it will be about two months from the debut of the next season globally. In the meantime, here’s the one from the first:

Inverse 2 episodes, how many are there

If the second season will follow the production pattern of the first, we can expect another eight episodes of 50 minutes each. To know for sure we will have to wait for an official announcement from Prime Video. The show is produced by Amazon Studios and Warner Bros Television in partnership with Kilter Films. The executive producers of the series are creator and showrunner Scott B. Smith (A Simple Plan), director Vincenzo Natali (In the Tall Grass)Greg Plageman (Person of Interest), Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (westworld)Athena Wickham (Westworld) and Steven Hoban (In the Tall Grass).

The Peripheral 2 streaming, where to see it

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Streaming, Season 2 will once again be exclusive to Prime Videos in over 240 territories where the video on demand service is active.

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