Review | “After – Forever” – The final chapter of the series changes history and hastens the ending

It is no exaggeration to recognize that it is a franchise.”rear” was a great success.millions of pages have been read watt pad And with the physical book being released soon after, it was easy to imagine that a film adaptation was inevitable. Therefore, fans of this couple hardin it is Tessa They could dream wide-eyed about the four films made about the world of the couple’s back-and-forth. And starting this week, the feature film will be released in Brazilian cinemas, allowing fans to see the final film, the final episode of this story.After that – forever.”.

hardin (hero fiennes tiffin) made a choice: he wrote his own love story Tessa (Josephine Langford), submitted to the editor without seeking consent. Tessa in front. This book was published and was a huge success. Tessa Even before her intimate life was made public, she felt vulnerable, exposed for everyone to read. Because of this, their relationship ended, Tessa I decided to go home and move on with my life. 2 years have passed, hardin He’s stuck in the same place. Unable to receive forgiveness from the love of his life, he is unable to write another work. romance. Hardin travels to Lisbon to unleash and rediscover his creativity. Natalie (Mimi Keene), with someone with whom he did not get along in the past, and with whom he needs to atone for his mistakes, only in order for him to become a better man Tessa.

In about an hour and a halfAfter that – forever‘ is clearly a deviation from the original work. If previously fans had followed the rise and fall of the couple, competitors invading their hearts and many bad decisions being made that kept them from the desired happy ending, in this final chapter the story progresses solely with the male protagonist. To do. Tessa It mainly appears in flashbacks and is repeated very often. The main character in this series is a girl, so in addition to being tiring, this technique also breaks the rhythm of the film. hardin About what you do to look at photos of your ex-girlfriend, remember her face, remember moments with her, etc.

Based on the bestselling book, Anna Todd her script Castile Landon He’s trying to rescue a bad boy and turn him into a straight man who deserves a happy ending. To do this, he creates a character from his past who randomly decides to apologize, but ultimately doesn’t, as both female characters forgive him before they can even open their mouths. A very wrong message that just glosses over the mistakes of the male characters.

Despite the exaggerated plot deviations; Mimi Keene brings color and freshness to the gray franchise.rear‘: Because it is held on a sunny day lisbon The movie ends up offering something new to the overall plot. There are fewer flirting scenes this time, but they are better done. For those who have read all the books and seen all the movies, there may be just a little bit of frustration. hardin it is Tessa It happens very quickly, like the epilogue of a movie Castile Landon.

After that – forever‘ marks the end of a successful series and fulfills the promise to fans to deliver an entertaining movie much like the book that captivated so many readers.

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