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I’ll start from the end. I liked the game. Yes, I know that many doubt whether to take or not to take. My answer – definitely take, but at a discount. This is still “Typical Far Cry” from Ubisoft in its core and mechanics, which is screwed to the narcotic-acid entourage of the post-apocalypse in the style of Mad Max and the upcoming Rage 2. Of course, the game has curious finds, for example, very funny specialists for the base and their personal tasks, but we will not get anything radically new here. All the same, all the same. The scenery has changed a bit, but I recognize you in makeup. The plot also lacks stars from the sky.

Contrary to the original opinion, you will not see here the total domination of black, strong and independent fem-population over the advocates of the traditional way with white skin. By no means. Here is a more classic story, in the era of the omnipresent fashion for ultra-tolerance, which surprisingly departed from the standard set of characters in the current media. The game is solid, but absolutely nothing new.

The final score is 6 out of 10. (Do not hit women in the face.)

For those who are in a hurry for business, everything is for you. Anyone interested in learning more, welcome to Montana. The game starts straight 15 years after the nuclear apocalypse. Although the radiation is heard only from the replicas of others. No areas of infection, acid lakes, or radtarakans. The scene is the same district “Hope”, Montana. But with reservations.

Over the years, the local population is very wild and addicted to pink. The neighborhood was flooded with aggressive men and women of African and Latin appearance, and ethyl alcohol became the main measure of value. But about him a little later.

We are playing for the next silent hero (by God, we are already fed up), who by the will of circumstances turned out to be involved in a confrontation with reckless ganza of raiders headed by two crazy twin sisters who had already lit up the physiognomies on the cover of the game.

Everything is as usual. We are in a wild hostile area. We have a bare ass and nothing. A large map open to study and travel. Opportunities for crafting weapons from scrap materials. We have here, in general, as it were, post-apocalypse, which means it’s just not getting hold of a weapon in a store.

Somewhat mutated, but still cruel and eternally hungry wild beasts galloping through the local forests. The developers even managed to portray a kind of ecosystem. He regularly witnessed how two herds of wild boars raided armed to the teeth raider convoy with alcohol and exhausted the number of armed gangsters to low by small blood.

In addition to animals, the forests are rich in all sorts of caches, points of interest for hidden side quests and in general look quite lively and pretty, with the graphics of the game all is well. Be careful with the fire, as in the second part of the series, the flame spreads according to all available laws of physics. The picture is moderately juicy and pleasant, but it doesn’t fit well with the declared post-apocalypse and the consequences of a nuclear explosion.

Of course, we traditionally put up with each other, we make friends with the rebels who happened to be around by chance, to whom humanitarian aid and a genius-engineer were carrying to build a paradise on earth. Actually, from this improvised headquarters, we make raids on proliferated raiders, in every way depriving them of tangible property.

The global map already familiar to the previous games has scattered numerous points of interest with resources, potential recruits for your improvised base, caches, and outposts. The latter are mini-fortifications. And as soon as you either covertly, or with your sword, destroy all the guards, like the Assassin’s Creed, the outpost will automatically go under your board, be available for quick movement, and friendly NPCs and side quests will appear on its territory.

You can always destroy the outpost, having received an award in the form of materials and ethyl alcohol, but there is one thing. After some time, the outpost ruined by you will again be under the control of the raiders, and the guards will become more numerous and stronger, on the other hand, for his re-capture you will get more experience, materials, and ethyl, and the outpost will be pumped one level (maximum three). By the way, try to always have a certain amount of ethyl alcohol and do not hesitate to seize outposts, gut marauders and attacks on alcohol convoys. Indeed, in the world of New Dawn, as mentioned earlier, ethanol is extremely important.

It is with his magic that all the improvements to the structures of your base and the office buildings inside are made. I don’t know whether the mechanics, having taken on the chest, begin to conjure materials for construction from the air, or the main character, like others, after a couple of ethanol mugs come visions of improvements. Well, yes, a demon with them. It works, and this is important, we will not ask how. After all, sooner or later your level will grow high enough and the old guns will not correspond to the moment, and you will not create new ones without a pumped-through workshop.

In general, pumping the main base, as well as various workshops for repairing vehicles, hospitals, helicopter pads, map stores, mercenary camps, is the main driving force that will lead you to research maps and open new areas. After all, without the development of the base, you can not move along the main storyline. Without pumping service buildings there will be no development of the base. Without performing the tasks of specialists, your progress and the development of service buildings will stall.

Therefore, gritting his teeth, we explore, shoot and farm. The development of the hero as a whole is standard. For completing missions, gaining experience and reading skill logs hidden in caches – we get points for which these same skills and pumped. These skills come in different degrees of usefulness, but for example, it is desirable to take the same hook-cat, a winging suit or an extra holster for a weapon.

In short, the game is curious, the voice and graphics do not cause the desire to shoot, but we were not offered something completely new. Another non-numbered game of the series descended from the pipeline Ubisoft. Play only if you have the desire and love for such games. The miracle did not happen. The final grade was indicated above. That’s all I wanted to say

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