Revolution of Technology in World Retail Sector

Taking into account that the retail sector grew by 9% in recent years and sales have increased by 4.4% and by 2018 would grow close to 6%, the conversation as to how to grow business in this sector is a discussion constant. However, these figures are still far from what happened in 2011 when growth was 19.9%. Figures such as these add interesting data such as the increase in pharmacies that would grow 7% this year due to the 120 thousand new stores that are estimated to open in the country.

All SMEs and growing companies have been constantly concerned about their positioning in search engines, where there is really the presence of business on a digital level.

For those who love technology, on May 17 the first Retail Tech was held in the T-zone Totto, a space for companies to take advantage of technological tools to grow their businesses.

The event was organized by, a leading platform in POS solutions for points of sale, who have contributed to hundreds of businesses nationwide have optimal growth. Thanks to the high impact of this event, Retail Tech has the support of important national companies such as the Innovation Center of BBVA, Totto and Vereda Central Toasters of Coffee.


This time the event was attended by speakers who have all the baggage in the growth of the retail sector as Arnulfo Ospino, CEO of Vendty and business marketing specialist, who offered attendees tips so that their businesses have presence in Google. Likewise, Ignacio Gómez, retail consultant of large companies, gave figures about the growth of the retail sector in Colombia and Latin America. Finally, Sergio Zuñiga, Director of the Innovation Center of BBVA, spoke to the attendees a complete scheme of how to innovate in their companies.

“The growth of companies is enhanced by the consumption of each of the people who attend the retail sector, because on average each buyer spends $ 7,850 per visit to a commercial establishment in the sector” says Arnulfo Ospino CEO of Vendty.

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