«Rhinoplasty ruined my career, I lost my identity»

“Overnight I lost my identity and my career.” Talking is Jennifer Greythe actress who became famous for the part of Frances “Baby” Houseman in the film Dirty Dancing which for the first time openly recounts the consequences of nose surgery done in the late 80s.

The actress, at the height of success after the film with Patrick Swayze, chose to undergo a rhinoplasty immediately after the release of the film. But the corrective surgery had a negative effect on her professional life: her face looked so different that colleague Michael Douglas failed to recognize her. And so did many film producers who excluded her from Hollywood parts. What was supposed to be a promising career petered out in a few years.

“I became invisible”

On the episode with Douglas, the actress recalled in a recent interview with People that “It was the first time she went out in public” and that since then she developed “The idea of ​​having become completely invisible, overnight other. In the eyes of the world, I was no longer myself.”

In his forthcoming memoir “out of the corner” Jennifer Gray further delves into the effect that cosmetic facial surgery has had on her life. For a long time she wondered why she struggled to find parts in blockbuster films: «I spent so much energy trying to figure out what I did wrong, because I was banished from the kingdom” she says “but it’s a lie. I was the one who excluded myself”.

The actress has appeared in various TV shows (such as Grey’s Anatomy) and won the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars in 2010. with the Stars in 2010.

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