Ricardo La Volpe Justifies Leaving FMF Expert Council

Ricardo La Volpe speaks out about leaving the FMF Expert Council (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Ricardo La Volpe speaks out about leaving the FMF Expert Council (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

reconstruction of mexican team It sparked a series of controversies when it appeared to appoint Jaime Lozano as technical director. three The situation would calm down, but another controversy arose. Ricardo La Volpe Denied membership in the Council of Experts. Mexican Football Federation (FMF), so their statements indicated some inconsistencies in the project.

after the technician of three He denied having “signed” any contract with the FMF and broke his silence about his abrupt departure from the project in which he was included as an expert. adviser For the team leading the way Jimmy leafy. It was through social networks that he revealed why he left the city council.

He explained that he contributed too much because he already thought he had “too much head”. He preferred to leave the rest of the expert table to the Council. tricolor And it allows the likes of Rafael Marquez, Carles Puyol, Fernando Hierro, Javier Aguirre and Bernardo Cueva to remain at the forefront.

Argentinian director Ricardo La Volpe. EFE/Francisco Guasco/File
Argentinian director Ricardo La Volpe. EFE/Francisco Guasco/File

He made it clear that his contribution was not beneficial to the team and would only confuse the rest of the FMF and the Mexican team, and made clear that he would withdraw from the project the Mexican federation was about to start. .

“My friends, I want to explain to those who don’t understand why I left the Council…we have many heads for one person and can be more confusing than supportive. I feel that there is, and I would like to thank the federation, thank you for thinking of me at that time.”

On the other hand, Ricardo La Volpe said: Jaime Lozano And he extended his advice to share it anytime, reaffirming that the former footballer is always available when needed. “I want to tell Jaime Lozano that the doors here are open in case he needs advice. Thank you,” he said.


The decision comes after a statement made by La Volpe to the sporting media, in which he indicated that he did not agree to the project being introduced as an advisor and expert to the national team. It should be noted that the decision was made in response to

For this reason, on the evening of Sunday 13 August, the FMF issued a statement confirming that La Volpe will no longer continue as a member of the expert panel. After talking with Ivar Cisniega confirmed that he will not participate in future projects threebut they appreciated his earlier advice and talk.

Thanks to Ricardo Lavolpe For the exchange of ideas I had in multiple sessions with our Executive President, Ivar Cisniega, over the past few weeks. We understand and respect the changes in your position that have been expressed. Ricciardo’s knowledge and experience will always be appreciated in this project,” FMF wrote in a post on Twitter.

Ricardo La Volpe explained why he decided not to participate in Tri's expert council (Twitter/ @RicardoLaVolpeG)
Ricardo La Volpe explained why he decided not to participate in Tri’s expert council (Twitter/ @RicardoLaVolpeG)

was in an interview with sports There, La Volpe confessed that he was unaware of the FMF’s decision to initiate the Advisory Board project.

He said he had not made any “contract” or direct approach to FMF since he was coach of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

“I haven’t signed anything, and I don’t know you’re asking me the question: What am I going to do? What’s the advice for that?” I have been a coach and achieved one goal after another. If tomorrow I am, as they say, a counselor in front of people, it is because I am going to contribute and I am accepted by the coaches. ”

He also claimed he was away from court because he could not “advise” him from home. “I’m not going to be a counselor from home. How do you train, what variations are there, how do you work? I’m not going to criticize my name at all for doing nothing,” he said.

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