Riccardo Mandolini: 10 things you don’t know about the actor

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Only a few roles were enough for the actor Damiano Gavino to establish himself as one of the most interesting young faces of Italian acting. Appearing in a popular TV series, he has shown that he knows how to perfectly manage a complex but emotional character, thus revealing a talent to be cultivated. While waiting to see the actor again on the small or big screen, here are some things to know about him.

Here are 10 things you don’t know about Riccardo Mandolini.

Riccardo Mandolini: his films and TV series

1. He is famous for a TV series. Riccardo Mandolini’s popularity is largely due to the series Babyalso played by Blessed Porcaroli, Alice Pagani And Lorenzo Zurzolo. In the series, whose first season was released in 2018 on Netflix, Riccardo plays Damiano Younes, the son of an ambassador and later boyfriend of Chiara, the protagonist. Riccardo then reprized the role also in the second season released in 2019 and in the third and last, released in 2020.

2. He has taken part in some films for the cinema. The debut on the big screen comes for Riccardo in 2017 with the film In your placewith protagonists Luca Argentero And Stephen Fresi. In 2021 she instead plays Andrea in the film Welcome Dad, where he is the son of the protagonist played by Dominic Fortunato, also director of the film. In 2022 he instead starred in the thriller Mywith Edward Leo And Vinicio Marchioni.

3. He has also acted in short films and video clips. In addition to cinema and television, the actor also got to appear in the short film titled Puponefrom 2019, but above all in the video clip of the song Tenof the singer Annalisa.

Riccardo Damiani Baby

Riccardo Mandolini in Baby

4. He’s very attached to his character. Interpreter of Damiano in the series Baby, the actor said he was particularly attached to this character, which he will always carry with him even beyond the series. What fascinated him so much about this role is the fact that he recognized Damiano not only as an angry boy but also as a personality full of sweetness, springing in particular from being different from the others. The actor therefore focused on these aspects to build the character.

5. She’s excited about her character’s growth. Looking at the three seasons that make up Baby, the actor was enthusiastic about how his character has grown in character and emotionally during these. For the actor it is also due to a careful writing and the experiences that occurred on the set, which allowed him to make Damiano even more part of his own personality.

Riccardo Mandolini, his father Mauro Mandolini and his mother Nadia Rinaldi

6. He is the son of a well-known director. Riccardo’s father is the theater director and playwright Mauro Mandolinsauthor of various texts written, directed and also interpreted for the theatre, such as Dear, A long round of applause, Dear mums, A minute of silence And Take-away pizza. These had Riccardo from the relationship with the actress Nadia Rinaldibut the two were not married.

7. His mother is a famous actress. As anticipated, Riccardo’s mother is the well-known actress Nadia Rinaldiknown for having worked on several occasions with Gigi Proietti and for starring in movies like Big face, SPQR – 2000 and ½ years ago And A Milanese in Rome. Thanks to his mother’s profession, as well as that of his father, Riccardo became increasingly interested in acting, later deciding to pursue this path.

Riccardo Damiani Nadia Rinaldi

Riccardo Mandolini is on Instagram

8. He has a profile on the social network. Riccardo Mandoli is naturally present on the Instagram social network, with a verified profile currently followed by 628,000 people. To date, he has published just 124 posts on this platform, all relating to his activities as an actor or model. In fact, you can find several images relating to moments spent on the set but also promotional photos of his projects. By following him you can therefore stay updated on his activities.

Does Riccardo Mandolini have a girlfriend?

9. Not much is known about his private life. Now famous, the actor is currently at the center of attention in the world of entertainment. However, very little is known about his private life. For example, it is unknown if he is currently in a relationship or if he is single. We will have to wait for the actor to reveal something more about it, if he wants to do it.

Riccardo Mandolini: age and height of the actor

10. Riccardo Mandolini was born in Rome on 25 January 2000. The actor is 1.85 meters tall overall.

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