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Considered an icon in the 90s, Richard Gere still does not lose its charm today, over seventy years old. For many, in fact, the Hollywood actor is a sort of perfect mix between a American Gigolo and an elegant Officer and gentleman. And this makes it as timeless yesterday as today.

Born in Philadelphia in 1949 he is a charming thirty year old when in 1980 punch the screen as Julian Kaythe seductive ‘ladies’ companion’ protagonist of the cult American Gigolo which yielded Richard Gere a sex symbol undisputed.

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Handsome for sure, but also a precious interpreter. So much so that since his debut in the cinema there have been roles that have ranged from comedy to the drama. Always returning the image of a professional able to wear the ‘dress’ chosen for him. Like when during the filming of Time out of mindin the role of a homeless man is so convincing that a tourist offers him food.

L’Officer and gentleman Richard Gere

He made his debut in theaterbut the international fame that consecrates him as a star and sex symbol arrives, with the aforementioned American Gigolo from Paul Schrader in which Richard Gere plays a lover by profession. An unmistakable charm that will give the actor atimeless gold. In 1999, in fact, for Gere’s 50th birthday, People crowns him Sexiest man in the world, highlighting that the signs of age do not change the actor’s charm. But what has brought Richard Gere among the stars of Hollywood is, without a doubt, above all his interpretative ability. The second of five children, he is a brilliant student and possesses a real talent for music.

The intent, after high school, is to graduate in Philosophy, but the passion for the theater takes over. Despite the consecration arriving in 1980, in 1975 debuts at the cinema with Report to the chief of police and two years later he is the violent young man of Looking for Mr. Goodbar. At 30, Richard Gere is a ‘icon. The sex symbol in Armani suit that makes you fall in love and dream. Enter the hearts of millions of people with his uniform from Officer and gentleman in 1982. A concentrate of romancea veiled one class struggle and the desire for revenge. Like this Taylor Hackford returns a love story of which Richard Gere and Debra Winger are the main protagonists. The final scene of the indelible film remains in which, on the notes of Up where we belong from Joe Cockera little ‘all (perhaps) we have dreamed.

The modern fable of Pretty Woman

After the success of Officer and gentleman the interpretations that consolidate Richard Gere’s image and career continue. At the last breath (1983), The honorary consul (1984), No mercy (1986) with Kim Basinger. And always with Kim Basinger and Uma Thurman Final analysis of 1992. But it is useless to deny it, unforgettable is the modern fable of 1990 which has fascinated young and old and which still continues to beat the hearts of many romantics: Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts as a modern Cinderella she wins Richard Gere as a powerful billionaire.

Pretty Woman
From Pretty Woman, final scene: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. @Credits YouTube

IS the fable of Vivian And Edward, she ‘lady of the street’ he bachelor billionaire. “And what happens after he climbs the mountain and rescues her? That she saves him“. And using the words of Richard Gere during the recent Magna Graecia Film Festival in Calabria, we could describe this film as: “Something about magicalnone of us thought it was going to be a film that everyone would have a connection with and some form of identification with. It was like falling in love, you can’t decide to fall in love, you just fall in love“.

A career on the rise

After the success of Pretty Woman it might seem difficult to do better. In fact, in the following years there are films that have not always been successful. However, Richard Gere’s star does not go out and even in the second half of the 90s he boasts excellent performances such as: Splinters of fear (1996), The Jackal (1997) and If you run away, I’ll marry you (1999) where he reunites with Julia Roberts. The new millennium opens with the dramatic Autumn in New York alongside a young woman Winona Ryder. In 2002, however, she returns to her first love: music. With the musical Chicago, in which he plays the greedy and cynical lawyer who divinely sings and dances tap dance. It will be right with the movie Rob Marshall that Richard Gere will win his first and only one Golden Globe.

Richard Gere
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Alongside Jennifer Lopez with Shall we dance and of Diane Lane in Unfaithful – Unfaithful love, even the latest interpretations continue to keep the flame of success burning for Richard Gere. In I am not here from Todd Haynes on Bob Dylan’s life his interpretation of the old and melancholy Billy the Kid is intense. In the same year, 2007, he is on the big screen with another thick film in The Hunting Party; in the latter he plays the journalist involved in a hunt for a war criminal in Sarajevo that has just emerged from the terrible conflict. Moving when in 2009 he starred in Hachiko – Your best friend from Lasse Hallstrom, based on the true story of the famous Japanese dog. Roles that made us reflect, identify, excite and, needless to say, dream. Why on top of those steps of the emergency laddermaybe we all went up a bit and someone will have hoped to be saved, but someone else to save, each in his own way, each with his own personal fairy tale.

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