Ricky Gervais attacks Gal Galdot: “his version of Imagine is very bad”

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The comedian and actor did not like the version of Imagine proposal from Gal In the and other celebrities

As you may recall, some time ago the actress Gal In, along with some illustrious colleagues, was exhibited online in a performance of the famous song Imagine, by John Lennon. This, of course, for encourage fans and spectators forced into quarantineas all of us. The performance, however, elicited reactions puzzled, and attracted accusations of naive attention seeking. One of these accusations comes from the spontaneous to Ricky Gervais. While starting, in an interview, to say that the video “is not bad”, then Gervais defined the version of In the and the shareholders as a “awful”.

Not only. The actor said: “I Would have been able to do so for a good cause. Instead, they are all of type: ‘My movie is coming out and I am not in television, I need to appear in public’. Not all of them, but some of them. You can see it in their eyes: ‘I Could cry for the beauty of my personality, they are such a lovely person in doing this‘ and everyone can see it. We understand”. Always cynical and critical, so Gervais it appears to attack not so much the quality of the performance itself, as the reasons for which it was organizedand the message that it is filtered.

Source: New Musical Express

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