Rihanna and A$ap Rocky are seen together after controversies involving the rapper – 08/12/2022

08/12/2022 | 14:10

Rihanna and A$ap Rocky had a date alone last Thursday, the 11th, three months after the lovebirds’ first child was born. The couple was seen walking to the restaurant Emilio’s Ballato, in New York, in the United States, even with the controversies involving the musician’s name, as a former member of the group A$ap Mob said that Rocky shot him in November 2021. .

The rapper is being sued by his high school best friend A$ap Relli, according to information from Rolling Stone magazine. The case will be heard next Wednesday, the 17th. The accuser states that he was taken to a location in downtown Hollywood to talk about problems between them.

Remembering that Rocky was arrested on April 20 of this year after returning from a trip he and Rihanna took to her homeland of Barbados. At the time, the boy paid a bond of 550 thousand dollars, just over two thousand reais. Now, he faces up to one year in prison for misdemeanor and four years for assault. And in addition to the time in closed regime, the singer may have to pay up to ten thousand dollars, which is more than 50 thousand reais. Jeez!


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