Rihanna and Asap Rocky Failed a Nightclub by a Bouncer!

Yesterday Rihanna and Asap Rocky had a little surprise! Indeed, a bouncer refused them entry to a New York nightclub.

It’s a completely new story! On the night of Thursday, June 24, Rihanna and Asap Rocky wanted to have a good time in a trendy club in New York. The only problem, the bouncer did not recognize them… and he refused them entry to the establishment. Shocking! 


To date who does not know Rihanna? Fashion icon, peerless singer, talented actress, the performer of “Work” shines brilliantly in many areas!

She is obviously one of the most followed personalities on the Web. All the biggest brands want to work with it! Same story for artists who dream of a feat for a guaranteed buzz!

Engaged, the incendiary brunette does not hesitate to use her notoriety to make things happen. If her fans are impatiently awaiting the release of her new album, for several months she has mainly focused on the development of “Savage X Fenty”. But also “Fenty Beauty” and “Fenty Skin”.

The latest news is that all of its products continue to be a hit with its community. A born boss, the star refuses to rest on her laurels.

In any case, his career inspires as much as it intrigues. On the heart, all is well for the best!

For several months, Rihanna has also been in perfect love with Asap Rocky. Inseparable and complementary, the lovebirds seem to have found each other well.

Yesterday, the couple obviously wanted to have fun in a New York club… And they had a little surprise! Indeed, the bouncer does not seem to have recognized them. Bad buzz guaranteed for the establishment!



In the digital age, you can imagine that the witnesses surrounding the star were quick to unsheathe their smartphones. Via the sequences unveiled on social networks, we can see Rihanna and Asap Rocky talking calmly with the bouncer.

If the rapper seems a little taken aback, his other half keeps his calm. To believe some tabloids, the interpreter of “Take A Bow” did not have her identity card on her …

In any case on Twitter, many Internet users reacted to the videos. “Do not recognize Rihanna mdr what abuse. The friend has been living in a cave for 15 years, I hope he will quickly find a job ”, we can read on the Web.

But also: “In real life, the bouncer, he is too kind. But wesh even my Daron he knows Rihanna why so much abuse ”. “Rihanna laughs because she herself knows he’s going to be fired.”

Or again: “Even if she hasn’t released an album for 5 years, that’s no reason not to recognize her”. Despite this misunderstanding, the couple did not seem upset by this refusal, on the contrary!

All evening, both radiated happiness in front of the paparazzi. A relationship as we like!

“  This is the love of my life. My wife. I feel so much better. It feels good when you’ve found “the right one,”  Asap Rocky said about Riri for “GQ” last May. She’s probably worth a million more. I think when you know, you know it. She is the right one.

Like him, Rihanna has never hidden her desire to pamper! So to follow …

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