Rihanna fans ‘invade’ NY museum in search of statue of singer that doesn’t exist

More and more people are coming to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Met, solely and exclusively to appreciate a marble statue made in honor of Rihanna on display in the antiquities wing of the renowned American museum. It would be something even normal in these times when the cult of celebrities is gaining momentum thanks to the advent of social networks, which reach a good part of the estimated 6.6 billion people around the world, equivalent to almost 84% of the world population – except for one “detail”: the artwork in which the billionaire singer is portrayed pregnant simply doesn’t exist in the real world.

And to unwind this thread, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of May, more specifically to the 3rd, the date on which the 2022 Met Gala took place. At the time, “Vogue”, which organizes what is considered “the Oscar of fashion”, posted a video to the nearly 40 million followers of its official Instagram account in which the statue of RiRi with her pregnant belly it really felt like it was inside the Met, and next to statues and busts of famous figures from Greek mythology like Aphrodite and Apollo.

The statue of the founder of Fenty was created digitally inspired by the cover of Vogue magazine in which the 34-year-old popstar appeared, personifying the Greek goddess Irene, one of the ‘hours’, as the goddesses who controlled the seasons were called, and also regarded as the personification of peace. The original version of Irene is believed to have been carved by Cephisodotus the Younger in bronze, but has been lost. Several copies made by Roman sculptors, however, are scattered around the world, one of which is actually part of the Met’s collection.

But from there until the confusion and virtual misunderstanding that formed among those who follow the magazine on Insta, added to the other 132 million that Rihanna accumulates on her profile, for which she reposted the photo of “Vogue”, the phone without wire had already passed through several branches. The result was that now, the Met is visited every day by many fans of the singer and all in search of the marbled version of her “idala” which, incidentally, was not even present at the last Met Gala and even so stole the show at the event. . Powerful!

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