Rihanna leaves her “tail” behind her, and Sandra Kubicka prefers her own scent. What perfume do the stars use?

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Floral, fruity, elegant – the choice of perfume often depends on the mood, time of day and season, and also on the occasion. For big galas and official outings, stars choose more expressive and lasting fragrances. Almost each of them has their favorite from among the hundreds of brands on the market. Some famous names have their own perfume line, while others go back to timeless classics.

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Rihanna i “Love don’t be shy” by Kilian

RihannaRihanna newspaper agency

It turns out that the singer’s smell makes quite an impression on the environment. Recently, actor Jim Parsons posted a video on TikTok saying that “Rihanna smells amazing”. He also told an anecdote about how he got into the elevator where he smelled perfume and knew immediately that a star had ridden it before. What smell made him so excited? Rihanna uses a fragrance from Kilian called “Love don’t be shy”. You can also get this perfumed water in Polish drugstores, but you have to take into account the cost of 800 to 1000 zlotys.

Marina and “Miss Dior”

Marina Łuczenko with her son in the standsMarina Łuczenko with her son in the stands KAPiF

The singer Marina also bets on a well-known global brand. She has been living in Italy for years, so it is not surprising that her favorite perfumes are those from Dior, which she herself reported on social media. The leitmotif of the fragrance is rose and rosewood. This timeless fragrance closed with a woman’s bottle with a bow, you can buy from 200 to 300 zlotys for 30 ml.

Sandra Kubicka and her own fragrance

Sandra Kubicka mentions that Leonardo DiCaprio hit her onSandra Kubicka mentions that Leonardo DiCaprio hit her on Eastnews.pl

Sandra Kubicka has her own perfume line, which she co-created, guided by her favorite fragrances. It has released to the market and uses two variants – “All day” and “All night”, which according to the names are intended for everyday use and the other for evening use. Although eau de parfum collects poor reviews on the Internet, the model can enjoy the perfect fragrances for herself.

Angelina Jolie and “Bvlgari Black”

Italy Rome Film Fest Eternals Red CarpetItaly Rome Film Fest Eternals Red Carpet Photo Domenico Stinellis / AP Photo

The actress who is considered an icon is a fan of an unusual and slightly niche fragrance from the Bvlgari brand – “Bvlgari Black”. It is a unisex Eau de Parfum – aimed at both women and men. Angelina Jolie is famous for its originality and also in terms of fragrance, she does not use typically floral, feminine compositions. Although perfumes are not widely available, a small bottle can be found for less than PLN 200.

Anne Hathaway and Chanel

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway East News

The list included classics – the Chanel brand, which is eagerly used by both Polish and foreign stars. Anne Hathaway is a lover of Chanel’s “Chance” fragrance. The compositions of this Eau de Parfum are fresh floral fragrances. They come in several variants and depending on them cost from 300 to 600 PLN. The actress also likes another brand. Her second favorite perfume is the “Magnifique” bottle by Lancome.

Princess Kate and “Dune” from Dior

Princess Kate in a shimmering dressPrincess Kate in a shimmering dress SplashNews.com / SplashNews.com/East News

Princess Kate, representing the royal family, not only cares that her stylizations are impeccable, but also chooses the scent carefully. He focuses on a classic that is neither extravagant nor overly heavy. Her favorite fragrance is “Dune” by Dior, which has a hint of delicacy and is not too sweet. The bottle can be found for around PLN 400.

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