Rihanna, Louis Vuitton, Adidas… Captured Fashion Week with Pharrell – La Reclaim

A nice game of ping pong between celebrities and brands.

After Nigo, the streetwear stylist and DJ appointed artistic director of Kenzo, it is Pharrell Williams, who has been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton Homme since February 14, replacing Virgil Abloh, who will die very early in November 2021. Went. This title, rare for a star of the music scene and reflecting the apprenticeship of a profession that was not his originally, has been used by Pharrell since his graduation, using the spotlight thrown on him by Louis Vuitton. Allows other activities to be subtly highlighted… for the brand while playing the game of artistic director. Their first campaign, which they unveiled in an Instagram post on June 15, 2023, features Rihanna, of course, very pregnant — and she’s about as radiant as she gets round. For a range of men’s clothing.

In parallel with this campaign, Men’s Fashion Week will take place from Tuesday June 20 to Sunday June 25, 2023, an event during which Pharrell will have an important place – almost enough to call it Fashion Week this year. In addition to the various collaborations and activism with other brands with which it is associated, Pharrell will have the opportunity to highlight his vision of Louis Vuitton for Men on the red carpet, which will be rolled out in front of its models. This campaign with Bad Girl Riri is only a foretaste.

And what a taste, we give it to you. Between the colorful bags Rihanna is holding, surely reminding some of you of Pharrell’s monochrome collection with Adidas and Humanres, and the leather shirt that features a pixelated monogram of Louis Vuitton’s famous logo , it seems like a breath of fresh air to the brand and its men’s collection. This will be confirmed during the first show on June 20, during which Pharrell’s pieces for Louis Vuitton will be shown to the world.

If that weren’t enough, the week of June 19 will see a special activation promoting the partnership between adidas and Pharrell and his Humankind, a 20th anniversary dinner for Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club, and just friendsAn auction that Sarah Andelman, co-founder of Colette, will hold for Pharrell’s auction house Jupiter.

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