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The multiverse is real and full of “Rihannas”. Two of them are even Brazilian! Rose Cohen and Priscila Beatrice are so similar to the Barbadian diva that they have confused a lot of people out there. But who are they? What are you doing? Where they live? Check it out now here on Gshow.

Priscila Beatrice has already confused Rihanna fans on the streets – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

It was at school, influenced by friends who thought she was super similar to Rihanna, that Priscila Beatrice decided to cover the singer. From then on, Priscila began to study singing and imitating all the pop diva’s movements. The success made her abandon her old job as a funeral plan saleswoman to make a living being a digital influencer and idol cover.

The work has already taken her to Turkey, Spain, Holland and Belgium. Incidentally, Priscila once decided to troll Brussels residents when she performed in a city square alongside the winner of “The Voice” there. Many people swore standing together that it was Rihanna before her eyes, resulting in numerous photo requests.

Here in Brazil, Priscila’s prank has also happened. During this year’s Lollapalooza, she drew attention on the subway and on Rua 25 de Março, in São Paulo.

Rihanna impersonator Rose Cohen is on tour in Europe covering the album ‘Anti’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Rose Cohen is another declared fan who has taken her love for the idol to another level since 2009. On her social media, she calls herself a “Rihanna impersonator”. And, really, there is no denying that her features, her poses, her look and her way of dancing are identical to the singer.

But Rose wasn’t content with just looking like Rihanna. She went further and decided to take the stage too, dubbing the singer’s songs. Currently, Rose is touring Europe, covering the album “Anti”, the last one released by the diva, attracting thousands of fans who miss Rihanna on stage.

Agnes Nunes sings Rihanna in ‘Caldeirão’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

At just 20 years old, the Bahian singer Agnes Nunes also carries a little “rihannese” DNA. When singing the song “Love On The Brain”, by Rihanna, on the stage of Caldeirão do Mion, the young woman impressed the internet with a performance very similar to the singer.

Agnes Nunes sings 'Love On The Brain'

Agnes Nunes sings ‘Love On The Brain’

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