Rihanna’s aggressor Chris Brown congratulates singer on the birth of his son

best remembered as Rihanna’s abuser and by the countless controversies what does the rapper get into Chris Brown just made another one. he is teasing the wrath of the fans of the singer.

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It is indisputable that Rihanna is mom of the year. The fans followed excitedly the evolution of pregnancy of the singer and businesswoman through photos and videos on social networks.

Even without official confirmation, information is floating around that the Rihanna’s son with rapper A$AP Rocky was born in day May 13, in Los Angeles (USA).

The last public appearance from RiRi was on the weekend of Mothers Day, In Los Angeles. She and A$AP had dinner at ‘Giorgio Baldi’ on the 9th.

According to the website ‘TMZ’, the artists are parents of a boy whose name has not yet been released.

This Thursday (19), a very unusual person decided to congratulate Rihanna for the supposed birth of the child: none other than none other than Chris Brown.

The rapper is the singer’s ex-boyfriend and was condemned, years ago, for assaulting her during the relationship.

Using the Stories feature of his Instagram profile, Brown posted Congratulationsaccompanied by a emoji of a person with a pregnant belly and a heart.

As for a good connoisseur, half a word is enough, internet users soon realized that it was a message for exwhich has just given birth.

Here’s a screenshot of Chris Brown’s comment:

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Photos: Playback/Twitter

Chris Brown attacked Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown lived a troubled relationship in 2009. The courtship ended when photos of bruises on the face of the famous have been disclosed by the press, denouncing physical aggression committed by the rapper against the singer.

In seasonBrown was sentenced to 180 days of community work and five years on probation for the assault. In 2014, Chris Brown was stuck after violating the conditional and was detained for approximately 130 days.

This wasn’t the first time he interacts with his ex on social networks, leaving the fans revolted by the boldness of the rapper. In 2019, Chris left suggestive comments on a sultry photo posted on her Instagram page.

You’re an abusive maniac, get out of here and leave her alone“, replied a fan in the comment box. “What audacity” said another. “Chris Brown commenting on Rihanna posts is so upsetting,” scored a Twitter user.

See a photo of the former couple:

Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

On one occasion, Chris Brown himself revealed, in detail, what it was like the night he was arrested after physically assault Rihannahis then-girlfriend, in 2009. The revelation was made in his documentary, ‘Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life’.

The excerpt in which he tells how the relationship went downhill until the day he assaulted her circulates on social media. The singer’s fans were impressed with the detail of the situation.

Early on, Chris Brown says that met Rihanna when he I was only 15 years old and she, 16, at a 2004 concert in New York City, USA. From there, the two started to get involved, fell in love and had a lasting relationship.

The turning point in the relationship occurred when Chris Brown revealed to Rihanna that there was slept with someone else before to start dating her. The irritation happened because he had previously denied this situation.

“My trust was all lost. She hated me after that. I tried everything but she didn’t care. She just didn’t trust me anymore after that. From then on, everything just went downhill, because there were a lot of verbal and physical fights as well. On both sides“, said Brown.

The singer said they realized the fights were causing damage to both sides. However, the couple struggled to contain the fights that led to the more heated discussions. He also said that the relationship ended after they attended a post-Grammy party in February 2009.

Chris Brown said that the aggression happenedprecisely, on the night of the 2009 Grammys. The woman he previously dated approached the couple at the event. He insisted he didn’t know she would be there.

“The ceremony was about to begin and she was crying. She got over it. She started drinking a little, we started drinking. We were laughing, joking. And then we left.” he said.

on the same night, Rihanna discovered a message of text of the woman on Brown’s cell phonewhich led her to believe that he knew she would be at the event. “She started to lose her mind and threw her cell phone: ‘I hate you!’. She started hitting me inside the Lamborghini.”he said.

Brown said it was hit a few times by Rihanna. “I told us to sit down, because I was telling the truth. But then my attitude was like, ‘now I’m going to be bad’. I remember she tried to kick me but then I actually hit her, with a clenched fist. I cracked her lip“, revealed.

The artist also told his reaction after the aggression. “When I saw it, I was in shock. She thought: ‘Why the hell did I hit her?’ Afterwards, she just spat in my face and that infuriated me even more.” stated.

The fight continued until Chris Brown took the car, which he did. Rihanna try to take the keys out of the contact of the vehicle.

“She took her car keys and pretended she was going to throw them out the window. I got out of the car and went to look for the key, then someone yelled and then she yelled: ‘help me he is trying to kill me‘”, he said, who also acknowledged that he had bitten his girlfriend’s arm while driving and pushed her, which generated a singer’s head injury.

Chris Brown said to have feeling like a “monster” for such an attitude. “I look back, I see that photo (of Rihanna assaulted) and I say I’m not like that, it’s not me. I hate myself to this day. It will haunt me forever”he said.

After the episode, Chris Brown and Rihanna still They reconciled in 2013. However, a short time later, they ended the relationship.

The singer also revealed that loves Rihannaalthough I know that the two they didn’t work out together. “I still love Rihanna, but I’ll be honest. We fought, she hit me, I hit her, it was never ok. It always got to the point where we were like, ‘what the fuck are we doing?’ scored Chris Brown.

Photos: Playback/Instagram

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