Rihanna’s “alarming overweight!”: Photo in the last 24 hours


Rihanna is leading a good life and for fans, it is not a secret. Her successful business projects have made him relax in terms of music, but also in terms of her fitness, as she showed signs of having lost the body that some years ago made millions fall in love.

In the last photo, the Barbadian’s overweight is alarming, everything indicates that the diet was in the past along with many of her musical themes.

In many countries, happiness is associated with having an above-average weight, however, Rihanna’s case has to do with carelessness. The photo that triggered the alarm was one where her face is completely round, nothing like that artist of sublime and delicate measures. The followers continue to support her with or without extra kilos, although there is a group of critics who attacked her image in a ruthless way. 

Leaving aside the clash of opinions, critics and followers agree that they prefer to see the best version of Rihanna if the choice depended solely on them. All this cloud of comments due to its weight does not affect it and it is already working on a new lingerie collection.

Rihanna again breaks the 2020 market

Rhi has developed an ability to see business opportunities with ease, the latest is a Savage X Fenty lingerie collection. Selman commented on how this project was born with the singer: «Rihanna and I have been working together for seven years and right now we are very close. At some point, at the beginning of the year (2019), we hugged each other at a party and she said: ‘You have to do the Savage X Fenty with me’. And then she left. Two days later, she wrote to me and told me that everything was serious. 

Rihanna has many ideas to make 2020 a year that revolutionizes fashion, for something she is known as the Queen of Fashion. 



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