Riot Games releases mysterious Arcane Season 2 trailer, reigniting fan chatter

Riot Games has unveiled the first official trailer for the second season of Arcane, its popular animated series based on the online game League of Legends. The trailer is short and sweet, and it sparked a major fan theory from season one.

The trailer is only 44 seconds long and features a character named Singed, also known as “The Doctor”, performing what appears to be a blood transfusion. He checks his pocket watch, then tilts his head as the camera pans up to reveal the massive beast hanging from the ceiling, fading to black. While the trailer isn’t even a minute long, it’s sure to generate hype after seemingly confirming fans’ most persistent theories.

The theory in question is that Vander, a popular character from Season 1 who tragically ended his life, is Warwick, a famous monster from League of Legends who “Change through painful experimentation.“Fans of the first season were quick to spot the similarities between Vander’s storyline and Warwick’s lore and connect the two.

Is it possible that mad doctor Singed turned Vi and Jinx’s former protector into some kind of twisted beast? What would the sisters do if the man who raised them turned into a monster? Riot Games took the liberty of redesigning the show’s characters, and it will be interesting to see how they redesign Warwick. For now, at least Arcana Season 2 has a lot of unanswered questions, leaving fans wanting more.

Notably, in October 2023, Riot Games addressed complaints via its social channels about inconsistencies in the world of Runeterra, specifically the inconsistency of the Arcane Cannon compared to League of Legends. Due to these contradictions between the lore in Arcane and the lore in League of Legends, the developer announced that it would merge all of its content into a canonical timeline.

Initially, Arcane had its own continuity, but now it’s part of the wider League of Legends lore. Notably, Riot said in October that there were still some inconsistencies between Arcane and Convergence: A League of Legends Story, which the company would address over time.

Arcane Season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2024 and is currently scheduled to be released in November. If you are interested in checking out more news, please visit any of the links below.

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