Riots at the office of the president in Kiev. Russia is gathering troops on the Ukrainian border. Zelensky was called upon to step down

Riots broke out in Kiev after the crowd tried to force their way into the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky. Behind the protest is the informal organization of the Resistance Movement to Capitulation, which criticizes Zelensky for too lenient policy towards Russia.

Prime Minister Morawiecki: We are concerned about the increasing presence of Russian troops around Ukraine

We are concerned about the increasing presence of Russian troops around Ukraine, in Belarus, along the Russian-Belarusian border and in the Oblast …

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The protesters hung a huge banner in the center of Kiev with the image of the president and head of the law firm, Andriy Yermak. It was marked with the inscription “Lies humiliate – let’s care for dignity”.

After the rally in Maidan, the participants moved to the Chancellery of the President. Protesters tried to get inside, but were blocked by law enforcement. There was a fight.

The protesters announced a demand to dismiss Jermak’s boss, otherwise in 10 days they will start an indefinite action demanding that President Zelensky be indicted.

Protesters accuse the head of the Ukrainian state and people from its closest circle of passivity in explaining the so-called Wagnergate. We wrote more about the Wagner group HERE.

Behind Sunday’s events is an informal group called the Resistance Against Capitulation. The organization has organized anti-presidential protests many times, criticizing the attitude of the Ukrainian government towards Russia’s attack.

According to “ROK”, Zelensky should not agree to the granting of special status to Donetsk and Lugansk. The Resistance Movement also strongly opposed the restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Sunday’s protest coincided with a published interview given to the US edition of the Military Times by Kyryło Budanov, the head of the main intelligence office of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

He warned about the mobilization of Russian troops at the border with Ukraine, claiming that Russian aggression would be preceded by psychological operations aimed at destabilizing Ukraine and reducing its defense capabilities. He added that such activities are already being observed and include, for example, the organization of anti-vaccine protests. According to him, part of these operations is also the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border.

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