Riots in Rotterdam. The services inform about the wounded

The protest against the restrictions introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which took place in the center of Rotterdam in the evening, turned into riots. The police shot the demonstrators and used a water cannon. Two people were injured.

The incident took place on Coolsingel in the very center of Rotterdam. Hundreds of protesters demanded the lifting of the new restrictions that had been in force since last Saturday in connection with the growing number of cases of Covid-19.

As reported in the media, at some point the situation got out of hand. The demonstrators attacked the police with stones and fired heavy fireworks at them. The officers used a water cannon and shots were fired. Two people were injured, the daily “Metro” reports that from police bullets.

At least one police car burned down, recordings on social media show many damaged vehicles.

According to the local portal “Rijnmond” fans of the local football club Feyenoord dominate among the most aggressive participants. Apart from the policemen, firefighters and paramedics were also attacked.

“Scary images from Rotterdam,” Koen Simmers, chairman of the Dutch Police Union, wrote on Twitter. In his opinion, the events in the city have nothing to do with the demonstrations.

It was very hectic in the city center. Public transport did not work, the central station was closed, and police cars blocked access to the place where the riots took place.

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