Riots in the Netherlands. The Grapperhaus revealed the ringleaders

On Friday evening, a demonstration in the center of Rotterdam turned into violent riots in which police opened fire. Three demonstrators were seriously injured and over 50 were arrested.

On Friday, the local Rijnmond website informed that fans of the local football club Feyenoord dominated among the most aggressive participants. Now, Minister Grapperhaus clearly points to hooligans as guilty of the outbreak of the riots.

A provocation of hooligans

– The police have a clear diagnosis of the situation – announced the head of the Ministry of Justice, quoted by the NOS portal. In his opinion, the culprits should be found among football hooligans who have “ties to organized crime groups”.

According to Grapperhaus, a distinction must be made between rebellious young people and “hooligans, using extreme violence against the police and firefighters.”

In his opinion, the Friday demonstration of opponents of government policy in the fight against the coronavirus was simply used by football fans to start a row.

Riots in Rotterdam

Videos posted on social media show burned police cars and rioters throwing stones and fireworks at the police in the city’s main shopping street. Preventive services used a water cannon and shots were fired.

Last week, due to the rapidly growing number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands, new epidemic restrictions apply. In shops and other public places, masks must be worn again, and covid certificates are valid not only in restaurants and cinemas, but also in museums, gyms and sports clubs.

As of Thursday, all of the Netherlands has been marked in dark red on the European coronavirus risk map.

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