Rises on the A2 motorway. GDDKiA’s position: They find no justification, they hit the drivers

On January 7, Autostrada Wielkopolska announced a change in rates for the 150-kilometer section of the A2 motorway on the route between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin in Wielkopolska. The changes entered into force on Monday, January 10.

The increase was explained by the company by “rising rapidly and maintaining the highest level in 20 years, an increase in prices in the construction sector and producer prices”, which “translate into an increase in the costs of maintenance, as well as currently implemented and planned investments”.

Highway (illustrative photo)Toll increase on the A2 motorway in the Wielkopolska section

GDDKiA on increases to A2: They are not justified in the current situation

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways presented its position on the increase in tolls on the Nowy Tomyśl – Konin section of the A2 motorway. “In the opinion of GDDKiA, the increase in toll rates is unjustified and directly hitting drivers and car transport,” reads the release.

GDDKiA has no real powers to influence decisions related to changes in fee rates, if they are consistent with the provisions of this agreement. Regardless of this, immediately after receiving the application from the concessionaire, GDDKiA asked for consideration of the circumstances that could change AWSA’s proposal to increase the toll rate

– underlined.

Road engineers indicate that the change in the toll rate may lead to a shift of some traffic to roads alternative to the A2 motorway, which is in contradiction with the role of motorways in the communication system. “In the opinion of GDDKiA, the concessionaire, when determining the amount of the increase, did not take into account the exceptional economic circumstances and the changing socio-economic situation during the pandemic. GDDKiA points out that the introduction of the increase requested by the licensee is not justified in the current situation” – explained.

Read more about fees on the homepage Gazeta.pl

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Rises on the A2 motorway section. How have the fees increased?

The new rates have been published on the website of Autostrada Wielkopolska. The rate applicable from January 10 for each of the three 50-kilometer sections of the A2 motorway between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin is:

  • PLN 25 (an increase of PLN 2) – Corner. 1 (motorcycles and passenger vehicles with two axles),
  • PLN 37 (an increase of PLN 3) – Corner. 2 (two-axle motor vehicles, at least one of which is equipped with twin wheels, as well as motorcycles and two-axle motor vehicles with trailers),
  • PLN 57 (an increase of PLN 5) – Corner. 3 (three-axle road vehicles and two-axle road vehicles, at least one of which is equipped with twin wheels with trailers),
  • PLN 87 (an increase of PLN 7) – Corner. 4 (motor vehicles with more than three axles and three-axle motor vehicles with trailers),
  • 250 PLN (an increase of PLN 20) – Corner. 5 (oversize vehicles).

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