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In the end he realized his dream, Rishi Sunak, to become the head of the British government, the first son of a former colony of the Empire to be able to force the historic entrance door to 10 Downing Street: the one and only premier from a non-European ethnic minority so far in centuries of history. Born 42 years ago in Southampton from Indian immigrant parents, Sunak has somehow the stigmata of the predestined. The rising star of an increasingly multicolored Conservative Party for some years, at least in the image, has never concealed its ambitions in what has been a sprint political career: also marked by a certain irreplaceable dose of luck, considering that his first ascent to the party and to the post of premier for the post Boris Johnson ended just last month in a setback. But the sudden failure of Liz Truss, whose hyper-liberal economic recipes he had accurately predicted the disaster, in the end paved the way for almost immediate revenge: if nothing else, because a figure well seen by the markets and which boasts excellent relations in international finance, as well as privileged relations both in the India of its ancestors, and in the USA, fundamental countries for the British post-Brexit economy.

Born in 1980, Rishi Sunak comes from a middle-class Punjab family took refuge in East Africa and then moved to England in the 1960s. His parents – doctor father, pharmacist mother – manage to guarantee him the best possible education: Rishi first attends the exclusive Winchester College, then achieves a prestigious degree in philosophy, politics and economics (Ppe) in Oxford (the top of the top in the course British Academician of Budding Statesmen), followed by an MBA from Stanford University, California. Here he meets his future wife: Akshata Murty, daughter and billionaire heir of India’s sixth richest man, with whom he now shares two daughters, a grand residence in the greenery of Yorkshire and luxury apartments between London and Santa Monica. As well as adherence to the Hindu faith, the same as Gandhi, another unprecedented novelty in Downing Street.

On the other hand, in the history of Sunak there are not only excellent studies and a wealthy family. He but also a career of personal success in business before his early entry into politics: a career that began in the City headquarters of the American investment bank Goldman Sachs and then consolidated overseas as a hedge fund manager. Already at thirty he can count on a significant patrimony of his, joined to the much larger one of his wife, when he chooses to re-enter the Kingdom and to launch himself into the battle of public life. In 2014 he was selected as a Tory candidate for the armored seat in Richmond, North Yorkshire, and is elected 33-year-old deputy to the policies of the following year. At the 2016 Brexit referendum he then supports the pro Leave front, becoming a close ally of Boris Johnson. In 2018, then Prime Minister Theresa May appointed him Undersecretary for Administrations, but it’s BoJo’s rise in July 2019 that really propels him to the top: first as Deputy Minister of the Treasury (Chief secretary to the Treasury) and from the beginning of 2020 even at the head of the key department of the economy and tenant of number 11 Downing Street.

Chancellor of the Exchequer at only 39 years old, Sunak initially focuses on austerity in public finances, not without some criticized increases in taxes during the pandemic; but he also launches a popular plan of maxi public subsidies to support the island’s workers in the midst of the Covid emergency. Now he tries again by presenting himself as a unifier and a “competent” figure. But to make it he will have to make us forget the reputation of “traitor” that was reproached him in the summer by internal opponents and tabloids for his contribution to Johnson’s downfall.

And also the controversy over his wife’s tax privileges and business activities, accused in time of anti-Moscow sanctions for the war in Ukraine of holding shares in a Bangalore technology company that operated in Russia until a few months ago; or even of having used a tax shield (albeit legal) against the payment of taxes on the island on the conspicuous income accumulated abroad, which she has finally renounced. A baggage to put behind, if possible, while for Rishi Sunak the most awaited adventure begins. And at the same time – between the internal, international and party crises – the most difficult challenge.

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