Rob Mariano of Secret Celebrity Renovation announces reunion with Phil Keoghan and Max Thieriot of The Amazing Race in honor of the man who inspired CBS to create Fire Country

Celebrity Secret Repair returns in the 2023 TV season for a third round of episodes, and should have just as many good-favorite moments from famous faces this time around as the previous two seasons. Rob Mariano – better known survivor And Amazing Race fans as “Boston Rob” is back as a home improvement contractor who helps celebrities help those who matter most to them. Season 3 kicks off August 4 with two consecutive episodes on CBS reuniting Mariano with Amazing Race take Phil Keoghan and combine him with Land of Fire star Max Thieriot.

Boston Rob Mariano, who was originally a guest on the show for the first season, spoke to CinemaBlend ahead of Celebrity Secret Repairthird season and he talked about working with two celebrities!

Phil Keoghan on Secret Celebrity Renovation

(Image credit: Nigel Scotland/CBS)

Boston Rob was familiar with CBS before he joined. Celebrity Secret Repair as a contractor for season 2 as he survivor legend after several seasons of this show and appeared in two seasons Amazing Race. Fans can see his reunion with Phil Keoghan in a completely different show with the third season premiere. When I spoke with Mariano about what was ahead of us, he told me what it was like to work with Keoghan and who Great race the owner wanted to help

It was amazing. Phil and I didn’t really have much of a relationship other than The Amazing Race as we raced it twice, but I always respected Phil by watching how he behaved as a race host. I look up at him and then I see what he did with Tough as Nails. He has that adventure and that spirit, which I think is very close to me. So going back to work with him in the place where he grew up on the island of Antigua and spending time getting his hands dirty and getting the job done, you really get to see these celebrities (and) what they’re really made of. and I have to tell you, Phil is a guy who goes above and beyond all the time.

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