Robbie Williams opens up about his mental health struggles

Robbie Williams is still “plagued by anxiety and darkness”.

Although the 49-year-old singer-songwriter loves his life with his wife Ayda Field and their four children, he admitted he still has tough days with his mental health and needs to make sure he he took care of himself.

According to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre section, he said: “I’m almost 50. Maybe there is another way of being and doing things. This gives me the idea for a TV show: “Robbie Williams does things differently” and I go for it. I am constantly plagued by anxiety and darkness. It doesn’t take much to make me angry, so I desperately need eight hours of sleep and if I don’t get it, I’m no use to anyone, including myself. »

However, Robbie insisted that his 40s have been his “best decade mentally” and that he is happy to be able to maintain a balance rather than having ups and downs.

He explained: “I can tell you that at 49, my 40s were my best decade mentally. There are ups and downs. I guess when I don’t have anything to do or any responsibilities other than being a father and husband, I’m pretty good. And being well is an incredible goal to achieve. I’m not asking to be on top of a mountain or jumping for joy – being good is huge. »

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