Robert Downey Jr. eventually he ended up playing Iron Man

All fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe remember what happened to Iron Man. However, comics have their own rules, and millions of viewers and the whole world are constantly hoping that Robert Downey Jr. he will return to this iconic role yet. Unfortunately, the actor decided to personally convey the sad news.

On the pages of the podcast SmartLess RDJ confirmed that he was finally done with the role of Iron Man.

Jason Bateman: Could we talk about the balance between work and family? I think you have more time now – I’m not sure what it looks like for you – but since the Marvel universe has slowed down a bit, you can breathe, unless this is the definitive end to your adventure?

RDJ: Yeah, that’s all in the past.

How could Iron Man come back?

You might think that death is the final end. Well, not exactly. An event called Secret Wars takes place in the Marvel comics. This is a huge battle triggered by the actions of a being called Beyonder. The greatest villains and greatest heroes in the history of Marvel comics took part in it.

Some time ago movie directors Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Game over, the Russo brothers, revealed that they would love to create another MCU production, but only if it is Secret Wars. This is a war in which Iron Man could reappear, as Beyonder has made it possible to summon every hero in the Marvel universe, regardless of their position in the timeline. Could it be that Secret Wars was to serve as another one Endgame MCU? It would certainly be interesting.

Meanwhile, RDJ’s decision seems irrevocable.

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