Robert Downey Jr., one-of-a-kind Iron Man: I’ve already done everything I could with this character

Iron Man after the movie Avengers: End of the game without a doubt, he consolidated his position as one of the most important heroes of contemporary pop culture. However, speculations about whether or not the portrayal of him do not abate Robert Downey Jr. in the future, he will return to his iconic role in the MCU – in fact, the actor is asked about this in most of his interviews. It was no different in an interview with a journalist from the Hindustan Times.

The interviewer asked Downey Jr. about the process of his saying goodbye to the role of Iron Man. The answer may be a bit touching:

Playing Tony / Iron Man was really tough and I had to dig deep into the role. I had an amazing 10-year run that was rewarding for me in terms of creativity. I’ve already done everything I can with this character, and now I can move on to other things. I’m middle-aged – I’m starting to look back and realize it was all just part of the journey. These things are now over. I was very lucky and I will be grateful forever for getting to the place where I was. (…) Now I have all my ambition to do things that I have not done so far.

The actor once again seems to rule out the possibility of his return to the MCU. Let us know in the comments what you think about his statements.

Hindustan Times

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