Robert Downey Jr. producer of the series

His participation in the Marvel film series, in which he played the role of Iron Man in a spectacular way, was for Robert Downey Jr. a symbolic moment when he stepped aside from acting to go into film production with his production company Team Downey.

The actor’s next project will be “For Your Own Good”, based on the novel by Samantha Downing, which is waiting for the premiere of the same title.

The series produced to date by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan, suggest that there is something to wait for. Team Downey already has HBO’s “Perry Mason” and Netflix’s “Łasuch”. The next production will be made for the HBO Max streaming platform.

According to the website “The Hollywood Reporter”, the Downey family will not be alone in it. A production company belonging to one of the most prolific producers, Greg Berlanti, will help them produce “For Your Own Good”. Responsible producer, among others for series from the so-called Arrowverse, and “Riverdale”.

The action of the novel “For Your Own Good”, planned for July this year, will take place in the corridors of the prestigious Belmont Academy, located in New England. The plot will be fueled by an investigation into mysterious poisonings and dead bodies that are starting to pile up at the university. All this is overshadowed by the fight for the prestigious Teacher of the Year award and the planning of the monument to the recently deceased director of this institution.

We are currently looking for a writer to adapt the novel Downing. For the author of the book, the role of the executive producer of the series is planned. This is the second series adaptation of her novel, which is currently in preparation. Nicole Kidman’s production company Blossom Films will create an Amazon series based on Downing’s novel My Perfect Wife.


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