Robert Downey Jr. reflectively about the reasons for the success of the MCU and the character of Iron Man

In a new interview with Stephen Colbert, Robert Downey Jr.. referred to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie Iron Man. It is impossible to hide that after the movie Avengers: Game over this superhero has established himself as one of the most important heroes of contemporary pop culture. The actor regularly excludes the possibility of his return to the MCU, but talks about his performances with, it seems, growing nostalgia.

The greatest joy for me was to experience it, said Robert Downey Jr. about playing Tony Stark / Iron Man. “All this love for Marvel comes from the fact that it speaks to the whole world, to the democratic American dream, which is much more complicated than it sounds, but has an ideal in it. Somehow – oddly enough – the best of it was perfectly expressed in these little two-hour entertainment segments.

Recently, the actor emphasized that he had already done everything he could with the character of Iron Man. He ran a ten-year marathon which was very rewarding for him in terms of creativity. However, now, when he looks back, he concludes that it was all just a part of his journey. These things are over, and now the actor has all the ambition to do something new. He added that he was extremely lucky and would be grateful for them forever.

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