Robert Downey Jr. told about the role of Iron Man and the reasons for the success of Marcel Studios

Downey jr. He stressed that everything we could see on the screen had already existed in comics. While it was a different art form, and individual stories could be different, the entire superhero world of Marvel was ready and raised several generations before its cinematic success.

– It meets such love because it speaks to the world, but also speaks of the American Dream, which is much more complicated, but there is an idea in it that has always tried to “express itself”. Surprisingly, in some ways, the best of this idea was expressed in these short, two-hour segments of entertainment – said the actor loved for the role of Tony Stark.


Robert Downey Jr. identified strongly with Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. He also emphasized that for him the several-year-long adventure with Marvel’s films was extremely important. He pointed out that he was very lucky that his off-screen excesses coincided with the pre-social media era, which did not completely destroy his film career. He admitted that he identified with the hero he was playing, who also needed someone to rub his nose. Ultimately, it turned out to be good for both men.

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