Robert Lewandowski surprised after the Gala of Sports Champions. I want to buy an Olympic gold medal

Dawid Tomala announced a few weeks ago that he would submit his medal won at the Tokyo Olympics to an auction. Then the money will go to help 12-year-old Kacper Woźniak, who would like to start walking independently. The boy has to undergo an expensive operation.

When Tomala mentioned his plans during the Gala of Sports Champions, he was awarded with great applause.

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Robert Lewandowski wants to bid on the gold medal of Dawid Tomala

After the Gala of Sports Champions, Robert Lewandowski and Dawid Tomala talked on Polsat Sport with Karolina Szostak and Przemysław Iwanieczyk. At one point, “Lewy” was asked what he would take from Tomala. The footballer admitted the Olympic medal.

When the athlete mentioned that on Sunday (January 9) there would be an auction for his puck, the footballer expressed his willingness to take part. – I think I will. Just let me know where. Maybe you’ll see that I am, he said.

– The auction takes place in a stationary location at the Marriott hotel in Warsaw. You can also bid on the Internet, so feel free to invite everyone. Robert, you’ve already declared … I’ll be checking you when you bid! I invite everyone. Let’s do something good together, said Tomala.

– I am always happy to help kids. There are good causes, I am always willing. I am aware that not everything needs to be talked about, but we should talk about this action as often and as loudly as possible. It’s not that someone is bragging about or doing something to the public, it’s just a willingness to help the kids. (…) Everyone should contribute a donation. There is never enough for good causes – emphasized Lewandowski.

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