Robert Lewandowski thought about it and said what he really thinks about Sousa’s behavior. National team of Poland

Paulo Sousa left the Polish national team and joined the Brazilian Flamengo, astonishing the whole of football Poland. Not only the fans, experts and journalists were completely surprised – even the staff members themselves had no idea about the Portuguese’s plans. Some of them have expressed their attitude towards Sousa on social media. Kamil Glik also told in “Kanał Sportowy” how the team reacted to the news of Sousa’s departure.

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Lewandowski broke the silence. “Shock, Disbelief”

On Friday, the team captain, Robert Lewandowski, finally took the floor. In an interview with Mateusz Borek on Viaplay, the Bayern striker told about how, when and where he heard about Sousa’s departure, and how he reacted. After a moment’s thought, he said:

– I thought, “is that true?” Shock, disappointment. Without any prior information. I didn’t get any signal, I didn’t talk to him. It was a shock, disbelief and great disappointment for me. This information reached me when I landed in Dubai. I was in the throes of driving to the hotel and didn’t look at the phone. Only after some time someone from family or friends said that there was such information. And only later did I see what was going on and I wondered if it was some media gossip or if there really was something to it. And a day later it officially happened – said Lewandowski.

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– I was in Dubai so I didn’t feel the need to call a coach. It’s not my decision, it’s his. How this was resolved leaves much to be desired. And I think that’s the worst thing about this whole situation. On the other hand, I am a competitor who already two days later thinks what to do to make it good. There is nothing wrong with it that would not work for good, said the captain of the squad when asked if he had contacted Paulo Sousa after his departure.

Lewandowski is already looking to the future. “I am looking for positives”

Lewandowski emphasized several times that what counts now is the future. President Cezary Kulesza has already started looking for a new selector. The players who Kulesza wants to hear before making a decision are also to participate in this.

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– There is contact with the president, but in the end he knows what candidates he has and what coach to choose. This is his headache. Today I am looking for the positives of this situation. Maybe this impulse will give us even more faith that we can play better. I am not unforgiving and there are no irreplaceable people. The most important thing will be to make the right decisions. We know what we play and how we play. Of course, we don’t expect any big changes because this is not the time and place. It is known that the sooner the decision regarding the coach is made, the better for the coach and for us. The way it was played in the media hurts all of us the most, but we have to look to the future – said Lewandowski.

At the same time, the team captain did not want to directly answer the question whether he would see a foreign or Polish coach in this position. – Looking at how little training we have, it is important that the coach knows the players. He knew what to do, but didn’t change much, because this is not the time and place. Playoffs are the most important and they should be a priority. There is always a period of uncertainty with a new trainer and it takes time, although I realize that there is none. We footballers must quickly catch the idea and plan for these play-offs – concluded the Pole.

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